From a Dasher group on FB

2021.09.18 02:41 Aural_Pisces From a Dasher group on FB

I had a lady crying cos her mom sent her back to her husband’s house with their 4 month old..he was soon as we got there, I logged out the app & asked her how serious she was about getting away..
I made her a deal, I’ll give her a ride to the shelter for free right then & there..I would give her 10 mins to slip in the house & get her important documents & fill one suitcase each for her & the baby..
Her husband wasn’t home at that took about 25 mins for her to get everything but I watched the baby for her in my car & called our local woman’s shelter to be sure they had room for them immediately..
Fortunately, they had room!! When I had told them that I was with Lyft, they offered to reimburse me for doing that on my own I took the $50 they gave me & gave it to her & added the $20 cash tip I had made earlier in the evening..she didn’t have a dime on her..
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2021.09.18 02:41 therealobbo here another bug

here another bug
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2021.09.18 02:41 WhatUpButtercuup 23[F4R] British. I’m kinda lonely. Let’s chat and see where things go?

About 5’5. Kinda chonky. I dye my hair a lot so my colours never really consistent. If you can guess my current hair colour I’ll give you a cookie! I’m kinda cute sometimes I guess.
Really though I’m just a giant dork.
I like the generic reddit things. Music, games, animals, bad jokes
But I as long as I’m in the mood, I can probably keep a conversation going about anything
Tell me your favourite thing(s) about yourself?
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2021.09.18 02:41 Krom27 Biden for nursing home 2024

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2021.09.18 02:41 Sailormyrikal No longer watching tv, just staring at this

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2021.09.18 02:41 skylinestar1986 Is western dating advice applicable to the eastern world?

Since both have huge differences in cultures and religions, I wonder if most of the advice here can be applied to the other side of the world.
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2021.09.18 02:41 Yarope Day 42: Depression? I'm working out, eating well, but...

... my schedule has completely flipped upside down. I can only focus at night.
At first, I could watch TV, movies, play games, etc. I was motivated in a lot of things. Now, I've gone from sleeping like 12-16 hours a day to not wanting to get out of bed at all. Today, I've hit a breaking point because I literally slept from like 7AM - 5PM and I'm still tired.
I know part of that is because of my circadian rhythm being wonky, but I really only can create any enjoyment for myself in the evenings. I got into the game series 'Yakuza' lately and it's really been my savior in all of this. I feel like, without that, I wouldn't have anything to look forward to.
Pulled a muscle a couple days ago doing pull-ups and got a really bad muscle knot in my back, so I've had to lay on a heating pad for 2 days straight. Today, I woke up depressed feeling in a way I haven't felt in a really long time.
I know it's PAWS, but I'm really struggling because I'm not working right now. Had to move states at the beginning of the pandemic to help my parents out (I don't live with them, I couldn't do that again) and the business I ran lost all of my clients in the move. Where I was I was at the top of my game, and my competition wasn't really very competitive to me and I had a lot of business in that spot.
Now, moving from a rural spot to a more urban place I've found that there really isn't a niche for that here, especially as a satellite business (people don't want you in their homes right now, they'd rather just go to a B&M to have work done).
I've ran my own business so long, and with these drastic disruptions in my life, I'm finding it really hard to re-orient myself toward a job that I could do and actually somewhat enjoy. The idea of having to go work for others, and possibly in some corporate hierarchy with middle management is dreadful to me and sends my spirits very low. Not to mention I'm not that great at selling myself on paper. I tend to 'dazzle' people more in public than in a written form, and all of these horror stories aren't helping. It's bad enough I can't even figure out what I'd want to do, let alone how to 'sell' that concept on paper when I don't really have a network to tap into anywhere anymore (lost a lot of friends / contacts due to how moody / volatile of a person I was on weed).
On a positive note, however, me and my father can actually have a conversation now. For years, we couldn't because my stoned mind couldn't really be present in the moment. It liked to dredge up memories of inadequacy and such from childhood and just keep me in a state of being constantly emotionally compromised.
That has stopped happening without weed. My moods are very stable overall and I find myself less broody, less moody, and overall just more mentally collected and stable.
Just wish I could find a way out of this rut with this weird PAWS crap going on. My savings dwindling away makes me more anxious to do something, and to make it happen quick, but it's hard to find the motivation or the direction to do so.
Thanks for reading my vent. Just needed to spit it out like purging venom from my system. I'm open to any feedback or advice also.
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2021.09.18 02:41 GlitchofThrones I feel Rachel and Shane vibes with Gabby and her fiancé. I’ve been following the search for Gabby and after watching the police cam’s I felt like she was like Rachel. She’s wanting to do her blog but her fiancé doesn’t support her work and he ran back to his mom after doing something horrible.

I feel Rachel and Shane vibes with Gabby and her fiancé. I’ve been following the search for Gabby and after watching the police cam’s I felt like she was like Rachel. She’s wanting to do her blog but her fiancé doesn’t support her work and he ran back to his mom after doing something horrible. submitted by GlitchofThrones to TheWhiteLotusHBO [link] [comments]

2021.09.18 02:41 No-Appointment3373 an interesting title

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2021.09.18 02:41 der_schone_begleiter Silver rounds holder?

What brand does everyone use to hold their silver rounds? I was just looking on Amazon and I didn't know which one was best.
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2021.09.18 02:41 qwenmn XMM HELP H*RNY XIAO DIDI RUB HIS KUKUBIRD AT STAIRCASE, SMOKE TGT A video emerged online showing a yo...

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2021.09.18 02:41 rationowl MODIFIED ingredients are NON-GMO???

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2021.09.18 02:41 tarek04153 Felix I have bad news

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2021.09.18 02:41 cosmeryzlol my most recent addition (left) and my old love (right)

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2021.09.18 02:41 fuxc_senpai farm

farm My first farm on 2b. I think it's pretty nice.
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2021.09.18 02:41 DoxxingAngels when u rlly think abt it there’s No reason i shouldn’t have a mommy gf 🔭

fr no Logical explanation
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2021.09.18 02:40 isaidthat84 I wish he would leave.

As the title says, I wish my husband would just leave. Yes, I'm the one who wants the divorce and yes it's a bit selfish, but it would be best for our 22mth old son. And the easiest situation. My stbx has already said that once I move out, he would have to move anyway because he can't afford the rent. He's also stated that I would move our son into a "dirty scumbag apartment". But it's because he'd have to move back in with his parents. As much as I'm doing my best to save to move, his tactics are shady AF. He doesn't have enough for x,y,z this month. Can I pay it? He can't afford diapers this week, but he has a full bottle of Jim Beam and a carton of cigarettes. But I'm the one whose making things difficult. I've worked more this week than I've slept in 2. I'm still the only one who gets up with our son in the middle of the night. I'm still the one who gets to bring him to daycare everyday- That I alone pay for - while he sleeps in on his days off. I could go on. I just wish he'd fucking leave already.
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2021.09.18 02:40 Instance_Appropriate Who wishes for a FACTION story expansion for Fallout 4?

What I mean my faction like going to a new area say with the Brotherhood or Institute? (#aSettlementNeedsYourHelp cough Minutemen) I think that'd be badass but, we are talking about 6 year old game so that most likely won't happen, but here's hoping Todd pulls something out of his ass.
I'm not talking about things like Far Harbor with Brotherhood/Institute.
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2021.09.18 02:40 Grubtamarin SEPTEMBER 2021 - The best sites to earn cryptos online by performing easy tasks!

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2021.09.18 02:40 old_one_30s 38 [M4F] exclusive dating..

Looking for someone who is willing to be constant...
About me. Single independent Around Pasig/Mandaluyong/BGC
You. I prefer Petite, Slim or average Hope you are independent as well...
That's for now...
Let's start and see where it leads us...
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2021.09.18 02:40 CovidConquistador Please Help Me Not Fumble The Bag

I need help with a pickup line for a lady that's super into plants. I'm trying for a non-sexual approach, but my mind kept thinking about planting seeds lol.
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2021.09.18 02:40 BusyBigBass Anyone have a Flame Tee? I'll pay good bells 🔔💰 for one

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2021.09.18 02:40 7vaughn7 I covered a song by Remi Wolf called "Sexy Villain" :) thank you for watching!

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2021.09.18 02:40 Clawkikker WHY DOES THIS EXIST.

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2021.09.18 02:40 Zealousideal_Ad9070 Analysts consider Polkadot and Kusama "money makers," argue that DOT is massively undervalued

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