Why Ryuuen Kakeru is an amazing antagonist - Character Analysis

2021.09.18 03:42 jeiku-kun Why Ryuuen Kakeru is an amazing antagonist - Character Analysis

Year 2 Spoilers
Ryuuen Kakeru is a character made to be hated. Within the story, most of the characters' opinion of him reflect this. However, outside of the story, he has won the hearts of many fans. It is undeniable that he has a certain charisma that extends past the world of Classroom of the Elite.
Ryuuen is sadistic, cunning, unrelenting, and ambitious - willing to use any dirty trick at his disposal. These traits have caused him to him to make many, many enemies of students from all school years. However, he has also gained loyal followers who are willing to look past his unconventional, and often cruel, methods. Within his class, he rules by fear. Most of his the students in his class simply grit their teeth and bear with his iron-fisted rule, but some of them embrace it, such as Ishizaki Daichi and Yamada Albert. They understand how capable Ryuuen is, and are even willing to look past some of his downright deplorable behavior, such as when he tortured Karuizawa Kei and weaponized her own trauma against her. Even Ibuki, despite calling Ryuuen disgusting, turned her head the other way from this cruel act. Even if the rest of Ryuuen's class found out, it's somewhat unlikely that they would have reported it to the school. Everyone in his class and the rest of the school year understands how formidable of an opponent Ryuuen can be.
Like in all great works of fiction, the characters of Classroom of the Elite have flaws. There are no exceptions. Not even Ayanokouji Kiyotaka, the masterpiece of the White Room, is exempt from this. Ayanokouji has no academic, physical, or intellectual weakness, but he is very averse to standing out and never utilizes his abilities. Another 'weakness' is his tendency to see people as tools. However, this can only be subjectively seen a weakness. From a strategic perspective, him viewing his classmates as pawns can actually be seen as a strength, allowing him to fully utilize his peers' strengths - and weaknesses. This point will be important later on.
When analyzing Ryuuen's character, his strengths are very clear. He is highly manipulative and has intelligence rivalling that of Horikita Suzune and possibly even near the level of Sakayanagi Arisu. His physical strength is also nothing to scoff at. It is stated that he is even able to beat Ishizaki Daichi and Yamada Albert in combat. The only student other than Ayanokouji that could beat Ryuuen in a fight was Housen Kazoumi, but Ryuuen's preparation and allies allowed him to turn the defeat into a victory.
When we serach for at Ryuuen's weaknesses, we have to look a little harder. His main flaw is obviously that he is a terrible human being. Flaw, not weakness. While some of his plans are despicable, it is hard to deny that they are effective. This ties into the aforementioned example of Ayanokouji. Ryuuen is not bound by a moral compass, and is willing to stoop lower than his opponents in order to claim victory. Ryuuen's most apparent flaw is one of his greatest strengths. Of course, that much was obvious. Enough about Ryuuen's capabiltiies. Moving on, my main objective is to find out why Ryuuen is such a fan-favorite character, despite Shougo Kinugasa-sensei portraying him as a heartless scumbag.
My hypothesis is that Ryuuen is a breath of fresh air when compared to the other prideful, proper antagonists of Classroom of the Elite such as Sakayanagi Arisu and Nagumo Miyabi. Ryuuen is a delinquent - and we all love a bad boy. Still, this is only a hypothesis, and everyone's reason for liking or hating him is different. I have one more question. Why did Ryuuen decide to not go through with dropping out of the school after his bitter defeat at Ayanokouji's hands? To get him to stay, Ishizaki and Albert threatened to drop out themselves if Ryuuen went through with it. Did he stay because he was really capable of compassion after all? Was it all an act from the start? Why? It's a question without a definitive answer, just like the question of why Ryuuen Kakeru holds such a dear place in our hearts.
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2021.09.18 03:42 Momager321 Forbidden stuff that didn’t live up to the hype?

Hey ex SDAs, what forbidden things did you do (or eat/drink) after leaving the church that wasn’t as good as you thought it would be?
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2021.09.18 03:42 LastFrost Why can’t I use the chromas that don’t have locks on them?

I got the odyssey Khazix skin out of an orb. I just realized that if you go into collection, then to the skin and click on chromas not all of them have a lock on them. 3 of them are seemingly unlocked. I thought this would mean that they could be used but when I went into the practice tool to try it they were all locked. Are they give away/ event exclusive chromas? I know that some streamers can give away emerald chromas, but that would be one not three.
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2021.09.18 03:42 Music931 Commandant Carlos - The Charm Of Love (1979)

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2021.09.18 03:42 Character-Shine111 How to Setup a Grafana Dashboard Step-by-Step Using GoogleSheet as Datasource

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2021.09.18 03:42 baileymia please tell me ur thoughts on this cute song i made 🥲 i used cyber diva :)

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2021.09.18 03:42 Hour_Trade_3691 Ranking Every Game in Liar Game

A while ago, I had just finished reading the Musical Chairs arc of Liar Game and ranked all the arcs of the manga that I had read this far.
Now, I have read all of the manga and watched all of the Japanese Show.
So... Here we go- From Worst to Best-
Round 1- The 100 Million Yen Game (TV Show Version)
Round 1- The 100 Million Yen Game (Manga Version)
Third-Third Second Revival Round- Stationary Roulette (TV Show Version)
First-Third Second Revival Round- 24-Russian Roulette (Manga Version)
Round 5 Prep- The Record of the Four Kingdoms 1V1V1V1 (Manga Version)
Third-Third Second Revival Round- Stationary-Roulette (Manga Version)
Revival Round- The Downsizing Game (TV Show Version)
Revival Round- The Downsizing Game (Manga Version)
Round 2- The Minority Game (Manga Version)
Round 2- The Minority Game (TV Show Version)
Round 5- The Record of the Four Kingdoms (Manga Version)
First-Third Second Revival Round- 24-Russian Roulette (TV Show Version)
Liar Game Reborn- The Musical Chairs Game (TV Show Version)
Liar Game Reborn Prologue- The Taboo Game (TV Show Version)
Round 4 Qualifier- The Pandemic Game (Manga Version)
Second-Third Second Revival Round- 17 Card Poker (TV Show Version)
Second-Third Second Revival Round- 17 Card Poker (Manga Version)
First-Half Semi-Finals- The Angels & Demons Game (TV Show Version)
Round 5 Qualifier- The Human-Auction Game (Manga Version)
Third Revival Round- The Bid-Poker Game (Manga Version)
Round 3- The Smuggling Game (Manga Version)
Round 3- The Contraband Game (TV Show Version)
Second-Half Semi-Finals- The Gold-Rush Game (TV Show Version)
The Final Stage- The Garden of Eden Game (TV Show Version)
Round 4- The Musical Chairs Game (Manga Version)
But what do You guys think?:)
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2021.09.18 03:42 Spirited-Collection1 Is anyone else having issues with stamina?

I feel like I can’t play the game because I’m constantly out of stamina
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2021.09.18 03:42 Business-Life2890 Missing player from Base Set

So, i’m going to complete the West and East Base Set completion for the luka challenge, however when I go to get the last Nugget Player (Ty Lawson) it gives me no option to search for him and when I search in the AH it doesn’t appear… am I missing something? Has this happened to anyone else? Thanks in advance for any help!
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2021.09.18 03:42 _BrandonF13_ can you please nerf the melees

every lobbie i get into i get some fucking trash ash melee abusers and its realy starting to piss me off so why dont instead of adding more fucking melees nerf them so people can actually use guns
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2021.09.18 03:42 Brave_lights EXTREMELY worried about our cat

Hello Reddit..
My partner had taken our cat to a Pet E.R. due to concerns of how she was, plus possible worms. We would have had to wait a week to bring her to our vet, and still have that appointment. But they said she was pretty much fine, she apparently does have a tape worm. And they had also said when palpating her abdomen that she "had a pain look on her face". But when I talked to them they said she palpated normally. They didn't want to run further tests because they had given her a pain medicine and said it would affect one of them. And said to get them done if possible at our vet.
She was brought home and seemed okay, but I noticed throughout the night she was moving a lot, just standing sometimes and staring. She is also a lot more skittish than usual. More scared and wants to hide. It is very clear the medicine is still in her system, and so we aren't giving her anymore because it's very scary and worrisome how she is acting. Not at all like her.
The medicine is called: Onsior (robenacoxib)
Looking at the cat owner pamphlet and google, it seems its usually for cats or dogs who have or are going into surgery, to help inflammation and pain. But they didn't do any tests to see if she had inflammation, and all they said for her pain was a " pained look", yet didn't clarify and also still said she was absolutely fine.
We are worried about what to do because the medicine hasn't seemed to help or even leave her system. It's been 24 hours. And my partner is literally having to give her water through a syringe because she hasn't had any water.
For any reference she is 12 years old, and is actually pretty healthy.
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2021.09.18 03:42 HeadbangingBuffolo Aindulmedir - The Winter Scriptures (2021) - Art by Pär Boström

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2021.09.18 03:42 scmnzz Are hot flashes normal when switching from T injections to T gel?

Ive been on the gel for about a month and Ive been getting a lot of hot flashes. I also got hot flashes when I first went on T injections (which i was on for 4 years before now), and for a few months post hysterectomy. So it makes sense with hormone changes, but I thought Id double check if this is normal.
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2021.09.18 03:42 mongolianmilk Season 2 Soundtrack

I didn’t want to judge too prematurely, but so far I hadn’t felt like Season 2 had the depth of music Season 1 had. I loved the S2E9 music. I’ve wondered if it’s the difference between American music and English (from the States, prefer the English), so I’ve been keeping an open mind.
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2021.09.18 03:42 pet_russian1991 Searching old friend and general

I've been playing RDO for several months now and I saw this very skilled guy in a free roam, he helped me a lot, he was with a confederate gang but I'm pretty sure they were just joking around, his name was "BloodyBillMorgan", if you find him please let me know, my name is "jgabrielsavio" on Ps4
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2021.09.18 03:42 unscleric Will this get a physical release, on UHD?

This is my favorite movie of the year so far and I'd love a pure quality UHD release, preferably with Dolby Atmos/Dolby Vision and all that ideally. Any chance of a disc release? Has it happened before with Amazon Prime exclusives?
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2021.09.18 03:42 ThatK1ng What are your weird fetishes?

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2021.09.18 03:42 jose1545dos A young boy starting his rally career, looks like he has a bright future ahead. What do you guys think? :)

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2021.09.18 03:42 robin9126 Arkham Horror LCG. The Midnight Masks. Part 34. Nathaniel Cho

Hi All! In this episode of The Investigator Games: Nathaniel straps on the gloves and goes looking for cultists. How will he go? Will he score a knockout against The Masked Hunter? Or will Nathaniel end up down for the count!
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