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2021.09.18 02:56 Blights4days How do Y'all Grind Gold?

When dailies don't get you enough gold, how do you grind for more? I've been trying the standard event with meh results.
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2021.09.18 02:56 kpopstansscareme well

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2021.09.18 02:56 realangeloann What is your gender?

I'm really curious of how many boys watch Dylan
View Poll
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2021.09.18 02:56 thebitcoinpartybot beyond the hype: a realistic look at blockchain and its use cases

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2021.09.18 02:56 Duckleberry_Finn found this desert horned lizard out in the early morning

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2021.09.18 02:56 Top_Willingness39 Is it true that without capitalism we wouldn’t have property rights?

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2021.09.18 02:56 Party_Disaster_693 walpaper

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2021.09.18 02:56 Morrowear I built a Relay and Comms Station on the hill next to my little village.. all these new building parts look so great!

I built a Relay and Comms Station on the hill next to my little village.. all these new building parts look so great! submitted by Morrowear to NoMansSkyTheGame [link] [comments]

2021.09.18 02:56 GabbaGandalf-SNAX Me neither...

Me neither... submitted by GabbaGandalf-SNAX to dontputyourdickinthat [link] [comments]

2021.09.18 02:56 CaringK1 Pain

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2021.09.18 02:56 xuanling11 Satoshi Nakamotos Statue: Should We Worship Him/Her?! — LeoFinance

Satoshi Nakamotos Statue: Should We Worship Him/Her?! — LeoFinance submitted by xuanling11 to hivenetwork [link] [comments]

2021.09.18 02:56 The_Turnip_King420 I just finished Red Son and, oh my god...

I was looking into good Superman stories because ik tired of Batman getting the limelight, and I have to say that Red Son is probably one of the best comics I've read. I was NOT expecting those feels.
Damn son.
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2021.09.18 02:56 CastorCrunch Each waterfall smash 🌊 only makes us Apes "Stronger" 🦍🦍🦍🦾🦾🦾

Kanye West - Stronger 🦍🦾
LYRICS (WSS revised):

Work AG, smash it, dump it ... makes Apes 🥈
Harder, better, faster, stronger. 🦍🦾
N-Now th-that that don't kill WSS
Can only make us stronger. 🦍🦾
I need Apes to hurry up now
‘Cause this sale can't last much longer.
I know WSS got to be right now ...
‘Cause we can't get much wronger. 🥈🚀🌙💥
Man, I've been waiting all decade now.
That's how long I been stacking on ya. 🥈🥇🍌
(Work AG harder, smash it better
Do it faster ... makes Apes stronger) 🦍🦾
(I need AG right now!)
(More than ever, hour after hour, work for it)
(I need AG right now!)
Let's get lost in my boat tonight. 🚣⚓
AG could be my biggest red loss tonight. 📉
Play "industrial" commodity, not the "monetary" tonight. 🥈
And you don't give a fuck what other investors say, right? 🙄
Awesome, the perception of silver D'Ore. 🥈
Damn, they don't make 'nanas like this anymore 🍌
I ask, ‘cause I'm not sure ...
Do anybody value REAL ASSETS anymore??? 🙄🤔🥈🥇🍌
Bow in the presence of 4x9's fineness. 🥈🍌
‘Cause right now, other investors hast forsaken us.
AG should be honored by some gold-plateness. 🥇🥈
Only eBay would even auction up some fake shit! 🤨
So go ahead, go nuts, go Apeshit! 🦍🦍🦍
'Specially in my Pastellé with my Ape suit. 🦍😅
Act like you can't tell who say this.
New Gospel, homie, make stacks. 🥈🥇🍌
And take this, haters! 🖕😠
[Chorus repeat]
Shiny ... Me likey! 🥈🥇🌙
I don't know if you got an oz in your hand or not. 🥈🍌🖐️
If you are a rich man or not.
If God put AG in your hands or not. 🙏
I'm trippin', this drink got me saying a lot. 🍺
But I know that WSS put you Apes in front of me. 🦍🦍🦍
So how the hell could you front on me?
There's a thousand stonks, there's only one AG.
I'm trippin', I'm caught up in the moment, right?
‘Cause it's Bison Bullion night. 😁
So WSS gonna buy everything they slice, right? 🍞🥈🍌🤜🤛
Heard they'd saw anything for a Klondike.
Well, Apes do anything for a pawned slice. 🦍🍞🥈🍌
And they'll cut anything for the limelight. 😉😁
And Apes will take everything from the COMEX when the time's right. 🦍😁
Uh, Bullion Banks, you're makin' Apes –
(Harder, better, faster, stronger) 🦍🦍🦍
[Chorus Repeat]
You know how long I've been stacking on ya? 🥈🥇🍌
Since Prince was on Apollonia.
Since O.J. had Isotoners.
Don't act like I never told ya.
(Repeat 5x)
Bullion Banks, you're makin' Apes ...
(Harder, better, faster, stronger) 🦍🦍🦍😅
[Chorus Repeat]
[Bridge Repeat 2x]
Told ya, told ya.
Never told ya…told ya, told ya, told ya.
(Repeat 4x)
Our stackin' NEVER over…Never over… Never over… Never over… 🦍🥈🥇🍌
(Repeat 2x)
(Harder, better, faster, stronger)
Work AG harder, smash it better. 🥈
Do it faster, make WSS stronger. 🦍🦍🦍🦾🦾🦾
More than ever, hour after hour.
Our stacking is NEVER over. 🦍🥈🥇🍌
(Repeat 4x)
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2021.09.18 02:56 Celestialsmoothie28 Ex christians, what is your opinion on Jesus and death?

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2021.09.18 02:56 quackout Obiouslty

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2021.09.18 02:56 xmvpgg A random thought on why Roger laughed at Laugh Tale.

So with the reveal of Imu we also got the reveal of a giant straw hat, giving it some kind of mysterious importance in connection to Joy Boy.
Whenever Roger was on his way to Laugh Tale, coincidentally Buggy and Shanks (the owner of the straw hat at the time) couldn’t go.
Maybe getting to Laugh Tale was a one shot thing that needed time for it to refresh, and since the strawhat wasn’t present on the arrival the crew couldn’t help but laugh at their silly mistake.
Which then in turn makes sense for Shanks to give the strawhat to Luffy, since he has shown similarities to Roger they both believe he can take the strawhat back to Laugh Tale. Since only Roger made it there.
Which also explains why Rayleigh told the strawhats that they would come to a different conclusion than their own.
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2021.09.18 02:56 milksicle Can someone edit the vehicles out of this pic please?

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2021.09.18 02:56 bongolevine Skip mime school and go straight to mime jail

Skip mime school and go straight to mime jail submitted by bongolevine to Frenemies2 [link] [comments]

2021.09.18 02:56 Way_Tough Subdomain Takeover on AWS S3

Subdomain Takeover on AWS S3 submitted by Way_Tough to Hacking_Tutorials [link] [comments]

2021.09.18 02:56 Cached_Clay What's your opinion of mixed race Filipinos born elsewhere?

I was born and raised in Canada but my mother is an immigrant from the Phillipines and my father is Canadian.
Half my family lives in the Phillipines and I visited the country not too long ago. It's made me think if I should attempt to reconnect more with Filipino culture? however I would like to hear the opinion of Filipinos who live in the Phillipines.
I don't speak any Filipino language, my mother was relatively young when she came to Canada and arrived at a time when immigrants were expected to assimilate more than many be they are today.
She didn't instil much about Filipino culture aside from a few words here and there in her dialect.
Do you consider me Filipino? And if not would it be foolish to pursue interest in something I'm not?
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2021.09.18 02:56 koreanpetal lost in thoughts that is open seas...

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2021.09.18 02:56 pcs28 Esto se va a poner bueno ♥️

Esto se va a poner bueno ♥️ submitted by pcs28 to CallofDutyMobileES [link] [comments]

2021.09.18 02:56 SpendEnvironmental20 Today there is a FAIR LAUNCH of 🌀Sonic X Token🌀, of which Elon Musk mentioned on Twitter.

🌀Sonic X Token 🚀 FAIR LAUNCH
✅ BSC Contract: 0xe84778aa3d2b94b4b5fa10f94b7f7cc36441a62d
Sonic X Token is a new word in the field of crypto assets.
Sonic X Token combines the best solutions of DeFi and NFT technologies, transforming them into an innovative ecosystem that has no analogues!
⁉️ Who we are:
Sonic X Token was founded in early 2021 by an international group of cryptocurrency professionals as a solution to the increasing volume of DeFi projects, often lacking user friendly interface for non crypto professionals.
Driven by the principles of complete transparency and traceability, the team is developing a set of Apps an which will provide users with high end tools with zero entry level knowledge required.
With 20+ years of combined experience in innovative social impact strategies, the team at Sonic X Token prides itself on delivering on its core values by creating a safer investment ecosystem for all people, regardless of their market position or size.
🌐 Web:
🐵 Contract Address: 0xe84778aa3d2b94b4b5fa10f94b7f7cc36441a62d
🐵 Renounced Ownership:
🔒 100% LP LOCKED 1 YEAR 💎💎💎
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2021.09.18 02:56 berserker1979 Elizabeth Gillies

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2021.09.18 02:56 stKKd Ahahahaha, fuck you!

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