Friendship issues. Should I cut ties with them?

2021.09.18 03:59 Dr_Samurai Friendship issues. Should I cut ties with them?

Note: This is a really long post and there won't be any TL;DR, as I think I might be leaving out too many important details if I made one. This is also my first time telling a story on the internet, so if I'm leaving any important details, you can let me know.
Hey, I’m been having some issues with my friends and I’m just lost in what I should do. Ordinarily I would try to solve this problem on my own, but this feels like something I’m gonna need help with from others with more experience (I'm 14M btw).
So I have a group-chat on Instagram with all my friends. I'm not close with most of them but I vibe with them and we're all cool with each other. One day one of my friends decided to add 2 more people (Let's call them....Freezer and Celery) to the group-chat. We got along well but I initially didn't trust them and was very distant. Eventually I started to become really close with them as I got along with them really well and felt comfortable with them. (sep 2020). We used to chat for hours per day and I really enjoyed their company (and I assume they did too). As months went on (Sep 2020 - April 2021) I became more and more comfortable with them, slowly opening up more and acting more silly and humorous. I felt happy that I could express myself and be me, since I’m normally very stoic and serious 99% of the time. Initially things were great and I was always happy to talk to them and see them. Whenever they had problems I would give advice to them, and I was always there for them when they were feeling upset. I didn't ask for advice from them or go to them when I'm in a bad mood, but that's because I want to solve things on my own.
Around May 2021 is when I start noticing things. I notice that in our little group chat we made that had the 3 of us (+another guy named Beer who wasn't active much), that our conversations became dry and they didn't seem interested. I also noticed that I was always initiating conversations in the group-chat and in our dms. I didn't think much of it, I thought they were just busy with school or work or something. But in our big group-chat with all my friends including F and C, they were way more talkative and social than talking with me. Again, didn't think much of it. I decided not to initiate a convo in our little group-chat to see if they would initiate. 3 weeks later, nothing. The little chat was dead. I gave in and decided to initiate a convo. Normally Freezer and Celery would send memes to the chat, however I didn't as I thought they wouldn't watch it. I wanted to test my theory, so I sent some long memes to the chat that were about 50 seconds long. They replied "Lmaoo" within 10 seconds. I then sent another one about 1 minute long. 20 seconds in "😂😂😂". I was pretty disappointed because whenever they sent memes I would always fully watch them even if it wasn't funny, yet they didn't even bother to watch a few of mine. I told them both videos were a minute long each, and asked why did they like it within seconds? Freezer responded "Just didn't feel like watching it all lol" and Celery liked the message, implying he had the same reason. I was really upset but thought whatever. I've also asked Freezer about their day, and they would never feel comfortable telling me how their day went " day was a day." I didn't mind this until I saw my other friends in the big group-chat ask and Freezer would always give a huge response to their day. This would repeat several times.
Then they started to "tease" me. I didn't mind it at first because it started off really silly, but then they were going too far. I tried telling them to knock it off but they told me they were joking and I should lighten up. I didn't want to act too oversensitive so I tried to ignore it. However it gets a little annoying being called dumb, weak, a loser and just being treated like garbage. It was starting to bother me a lot. I wanted to give them a taste of their own medicine, so I started to tease them back, but weeks later (we're in early-mid June 2021 now) the both of them told me to stop because I was hurting their feelings. I was angry because I said that weeks ago and they told me that it's a joke, yet I'm not allowed to "joke" back? I didn't want to argue so I said "fine I'll stop". Meanwhile, the insults continued. And as the days went on, they made me feel more and more like garbage. I couldn't talk about anything I wanted to talk about because they either didn't care or because they wanted to talk about their own stuff. They started to talk less with me due to "lack of time" yet they're talking to my other friends in the big group-chat all the time (but would suddenly vanish once I stopped reading from my notifications and was reading from the group-chat). I was getting sad that our friendship was starting to drift, so I tried to keep our friendship alive by just "embracing the hits". This continued from early July to early August.
By now in early august, I was angry. I always have to initiate conversations with them, and most of the time they're never interested talking. The very rare times they do though, they don't care about what I have to say. They say a lot of insulting words about me like I'm ugly, stupid, weird, weak, and pathetic yet get upset when I say the same words back. They made me feel like a loser. I was no longer having it. I stopped initiating convos and I stopped talking to them, hoping they would initiate a convo. By late august Freezer tried to have a convo with me. They said "hey how it's going?" but I was pissed off that day and told them "what do you want?" Freezer responded "We haven't talked in a while, just checking up on you." I told them "Not interested" and that was that. I thought it was a little cold, but justified because of the way they've treated me. The little group-chat became a bit more active with some messages being sent, but nothing much, and I didn't say much.
And that brings us to yesterday. A little convo was happening yesterday, and I was just sitting in a boring math class waiting for the day to end, so I went on my phone to see what's up. Freezer asks how's my day? I told Freezer not to ask me how my day is if you don't give two shits how my day actually is. Celery stepped in and called me a bitch. Being called a bitch in itself didn't bother me, but with the huge list of insults they've thrown at me and with all my anger being suppressed for so long, I just bursted in rage. We went back and forth for a bit, and it ended with Celery calling me a bitch, mentally weak, an unlikeable person, that nobody respects you, and a loser. I (for once in my life lol) expressed my emotions, telling them how I felt about being "teased", how frustrating it was to always have to initiate convos especially when they didn't care, how I am constantly being treated like shit and that me bursting in rage doesn't make me a bitch, especially when I tried to communicate with you before to stop. Celery told me to stop being a bitch about things and that it's my fault for getting angry at Freezer (Freezer didn't say anything, just watched).

So now I haven't spoken to them today. It's been almost a year, and although our friendship started off strong, it seems I have become the third wheel, or the joke of the group (basically being like Yamcha for those that watched DBZ). I've been thinking if I should cut ties with them. They don't ever seem interested talking to me, and when they do the convo either doesn't last long or I become a punching bag. They talk their asses off with others, but for some reason they're dead silent around me. Idk if they're just toxic or if there is something wrong with me. I think I'm just there to get stepped on and nothing more. But I don't want to make an impulsive decision that I may regret. I want to make sure that my decision is well thought-out. All I wanted was to be able to speak to them freely, to be cared about and feel like an actual friend of them, and to be treated like a normal human being. I tried expressing that during our fight, but they don't seem to care. I'm hesitant to cut ties with them though because I think I might be wrong somehow. Maybe I'm just sensitive, or maybe I'm overthinking things and making things seem worse than it is. They've changed so much. I felt really close with them, so it's hard for me to end things because I still like them, although I am willing to end things if I really should. What should I do? Should I try keeping our friendship alive, perhaps by calmly telling them how I feel? Maybe talk things out in-person? Should I just move on?
To make things fair, they did say to me that I can be very insensitive with my words and how they feel. Maybe they started to tease me because I inadvertently say some harsh words to them. This is a bad habit of mine and something my family has said as well. I can be too direct, blunt and insensitive with my words, reason is because "I'm just telling the truth". I've tried to fix it but ig it's still an issue. C and F also said I'm emotionally draining, but they never specified so idk what I could do to fix myself there. I am very vengeful too. I did seek revenge by insulting them back, ignoring their texts or just acting uninterested. Maybe that messed things up. But then again it isn't fair for me. Why are they allowed to act like jerks but I'm not? Idk if I'm in the wrong or not. My memory isn't super strong so maybe I'm just misunderstanding what happened before. Idk. I don't want to label myself as the good guy. I just want the truth, and...well..advice lol.
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Sure this has been posted many times, but I couldn't find it. Is there an FOV slider on console for the open beta (I'm on XBOX One for reference)
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To: u/Hotelsarah1234
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I know you love surprises, so I did not want to spoil this one. Happy early birthday!
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2021.09.18 03:59 Awkward-Speech7375 [OC] Foundations of a comeback: Five teams have come back from a 3-1 deficit over the past decade. How did those teams' stars and the opposing stars perform during those final three games?

Thought this would be interesting because I've never really seen people look at the game 5-7 stats of 3-1 comebacks, despite it seeing kind of obvious.
Part 1: 2015 and 2016 playoffs: three comebacks in two years
2015 WCSF: (2) Rockets 4-3 (3) Clippers
James Harden: 27/7/7, 4.3 TOV, +14 plus minus, 52.4% TS
Blake Griffin: 28/12/3, 3.0 TOV, -30, 59.1% TS
Chris Paul: 26/5/10, 2.7 TOV, -21, 63.2% TS
Definitely the weirdest one out of all, as if you didn't know the outcome you would probably think it was the Rockets who blew it based off of these stats (except for plus minus.) It was more that the Clippers collapsed defensively, letting the Rockets' bench go off in game 6 and giving up 115 points a game over games 5-7.
2016 WCSF: (1) Warriors 4-3 (3) Thunder
Steph Curry: 33/7/8, 3.7 TOV, +36, 64.8% TS
Klay Thompson: 30/5/1, 1.7 TOV, +19, 57.7% TS
Kevin Durant: 32/7/3, 2.7 TOV, -14, 51.7% TS
Russell Westbrook: 26/7/11, 5.0 TOV, -34, 45.3% TS
A much clearer case than the first series, as despite the big box score numbers for everyone the efficiency gap is glaring. Still, I feel like most people wouldn't guess that Curry was the better of the two Warriors and Westbrook the worse of the two Thunder in games 5-7.
2016 Finals: (1) Cavaliers 4-3 (1) Warriors
LeBron James: 36/12/10, 2.7 TOV, +43, 59.0% TS
Kyrie Irving: 30/4/3, 3.0 TOV, +55, 63.6% TS
Stephen Curry: 24/4/5, 4.0 TOV, -20, 54.4% TS
Klay Thompson: 25/3/1, 2.7 TOV, -54, 58.4% TS
Absolutely amazing performances from Kyrie and especially LeBron, but I'm sure you knew that already. It is interesting to see how big the gap between Klay and Curry's plus minus is though, even though their box score stats are pretty even.
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Mermaid Linking Glitch? So this used to work but it stopped. On my sims human form, I can't see her makeup but there is makeup that is already selected. And then when I HAD it linked, it was not showing on the mermaid sim form. I tried changing the copy aspects and un-copying things and the makeup won't show on my sim in their swimwear form. Can anyone help with this? I forgot how to fix it.
It works for every other mer-sim when they are linked with everything copied over. :/
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2021.09.18 03:58 AwesomeBlossem Wife only wants serviced, not intimacy

Hey all, 21MHL here. My wife only wants services from me as opposed to intimacy, here’s what I mean. By intimacy I mean more than just sex (but I really really miss sex more than once every 1-2 months). I mean cuddling, kissing, the whole gooey nine yards. Just physical intimacy is what I feel neglected of in general. By “service” I mean she constantly requests foot massages, back massages, rub this and that, rub my legs etc. I’m always more than happy to oblige because she’s my SO and I obviously want her to feel good. But these last few months I’ve noticed a pattern, that’s the only time I touch my wife outside of (what is starting to feel like) the occasional pity sex. Now it’s not for lack of trying on my part, I sometimes try to turn it into more than just a simple leg rub but I always get rejected with “stop touching me like that just massage me” or something of that nature. And when it comes to the rarity of sex, I consider myself to be a generous lover. I try to meet all of her needs, if she wants dominated I’ll dominate. If she wants to ride my face, go right ahead. I love all aspects of sex, it’s the ultimate form of giving and receiving love to me. But I almost feel like I’m being used for the menial task of constant massages and back rubs. The closest I get to intimacy is when she’s almost asleep in bed after ~10 minutes of back massaging she’ll occasionally say “you can rub my butt if you want”. Without exaggeration this hasn’t been an invitation to anything more in well over a year. I’ve tried open communication about my needs, but I get shut down with “why do you think you’re just entitled to my body?”. It hurts, I just want my wife to want me. I’m still as infatuated with her as I was when I was 16. And it doesn’t help that I’ve recently cut a bunch of weight and have been doing things to boost my natural T levels so my libido is through the roof. Does anyone else’s SO do this or something similar? She’s early 20’sLLF if that makes a difference in any advice to be given. Thanks for the vent guys.
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I either want 300$ ( +shipping if not local) A mid-tier older GPU (4GB+, like GTX 1060, RX 580 etc) Or someone to repair it (I would pay upto 300$)
GPU description and Pictures;
I have a broken Gigabyte RTX 2080 Super Waterforce, I bought it used (broken) a while back since it was still on warranty, but Gigabyte refused to honor it since I took off the backplate after they asked for pictures of the problem.
I don't know the history but from a visual inspection, it was taken apart and put back together again at least once before me (broken warranty sticker) and I think someone put on some extra tubing protect (using blue zipties to secure it, so I assume not-OEM) but looks unnecessary.
With all that said the PCB appears to be in excellent physical condition except for a IC on the back that caused discoloration to metal backplate. In addition the tubing looks good, but the 240mm radiator needs fans and has some bent fins, the GPU shroud is missing a screw and has some scratches.
On startup the Pump purrs (runs) well, and the RGB lighting works and syncs normally in a PC, but none of the outputs work.
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2021.09.18 03:58 Quanazer Can I save my dorm room as an invention that will auto snap in place?

I want to do this so I can have multiple dorm rooms, without having to use save files, i head of other people doing this and I would like to know how to.
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I’m trying to purchase something but the option won’t pop up if you got on the PayPal website it says that you can use the feature and the website that I want to use it on is one the websites on the main page on PayPal
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Mixercraft is an 18+ privately hosted Bedrock survival server featuring one player sleep, shopping district, mob heads, discord channel and more! Our players are dedicated to bringing you a fun, relaxing atmosphere to challenge yourself and contribute to our small community. Rules are simple: (1) No stealing, (2) No greifing, (3) Don’t be a dick. We are planning a reset October 1 with the intention of trimming the world when the full Caves and Cliffs update drops. This means there is a defined area that builds will be safe from the trimmed reset. More info in our discord. If interested, please pm for more information and/or our discord link! P.S. You will receive access to the discord immediately to chat and get to know one another. You will receive to the actual server (not realm) on October 1.
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Never EVER buy a stock because someone you trust recommends or the price of the stock is 📈👆🏻. In markets, trust NONE except your own wisdom based on technical analysis and underlying fundamentals.
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