Is it considered medical leave?

2021.09.18 03:19 Jesgarcia01 Is it considered medical leave?

I have a doctors note that states I may return to work in 10 days. Who do I talk to about it?
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2021.09.18 03:19 InquisitorEngel Sometimes you spend a week assembling, washing, priming, and painting a vehicle and then go... "Yeah, that's a rhino."

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2021.09.18 03:19 japanidol NILKLY - DAY DREAM

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2021.09.18 03:19 Asn_Santos Manchester United e Juventus perdem mais de $370 milhões devido à Covid

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2021.09.18 03:19 Ok_Ranger9186 More Than 250K Americans Have Died From COVID Since Biden Took Office, And Few Seem To Care

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2021.09.18 03:19 analogous0 [WTS] Two-tone Realos and Pelikan M1005

Two-tone Realos (Maroon/Black) EF/F

Pelikan M1005 Demo EF (2011) [C]
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2021.09.18 03:19 Taminella_Grinderfal Trying to impress my crush with my movie knowledge and I got my citrus confused.

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2021.09.18 03:19 njpunkmusic Any Cheap Sea Hear Now wristbands?

Looking to just swing by festival with a friend for PJ'S set Saturday night. Anyone have an extra or two they would like to sell for cheap instead of not at all? A lot of people are trying to scam, so must meet in person at festival or Central NJ
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2021.09.18 03:19 GuyOnZeCouch92 93 Year Old Irish Soldier describes World War One, 1988

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2021.09.18 03:19 ElderCunningham [GTM] Not Ben-Hur

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2021.09.18 03:19 His_Shadow_X My first month with a Red Eared Slider

So my girlfriend bought a red eared in Chinatown in Chicago. I made sure we went straight to the pet store to get a tank and such. The little thing he was in I remember a famous tech store that went out of business sold little cases like these with lizards and yeah I remember the horror stories.
Well we were riding back to the suburbs to a PetCo I looked up the species and figured it was a red ear. My girlfriend didn’t know what she got us into.
When we got to the store the turtle lady didn’t want to help us and pretty much looked like we committed a great sin and wouldn’t really help us get lights or anything whining how people let them loose. Every time we tried to get another employee to help they would get the PETA person. My girlfriend whose black was getting pissed. When another black guy saw the turtle he wanted to know how to get one and miss PETA was going on her rant again and he just shut her down.
Pretty much me and my girlfriend just sourced everything on Amazon besides the tank.
The first week the turtle escaped when I got a huge floater rock and put to much water in. We found him or her a day later.
The little guy wouldn’t eat for a week and a half from when we bought him. Finally when he started eating he didn’t stop. I started feeding him via the forceps I got. Two days later he was eating from my hands.
By the end of the week every time he saw me he would do flips in the water and follow me around.
Throughout the well we are there we watch him explore. Move the rock and hide in the cave in the rock. He likes resting on the heater that keeps its 82 degrees.
Overall I think it’s going to be a unique pet. My girlfriend has MS so I am going to be doing most of the work.
I’m shocked though these turtles are native to southern Illinois
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2021.09.18 03:19 AeroKnight197 DBZ

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2021.09.18 03:19 xAIRGUITARISTx Golden hour.
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2021.09.18 03:19 DrockSteadyReviews ✨☄️Marvel Cosmic Universe Omnibus Overview✨☄️

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2021.09.18 03:19 mineyoursmine which is best? (board game search app)

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2021.09.18 03:19 Idkmate58 Caught up to one piece

I just finished up chapter 1025 a couple hours ago and wow this is the best manga i've ever read.I started watching it when netflix released the first 130 episodes i watched the anime up to the end of punk hazard and then switched to the manga (best choice i coud have made). The anime is solid especially before the long ring long land arc after which its started to decline because of the animation and pacing. Now lets talk about the manga its fucking amazing by far the best manga ive ever read oda is a fucking god my favorite arc is wano with ennies lobby being a close second. Im glad i decided to experience this amazing story.
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2021.09.18 03:19 jhshin892 I keep noticing these tiny black pellets in my kitchen. What is this?

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2021.09.18 03:19 moonbase9000 Looking for a reptile vet

Can anyone recommend a veterinarian who is experienced with reptiles?
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2021.09.18 03:19 Pink_freesia References not asked?

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2021.09.18 03:19 GRA5NT21 Punt and FG to win House Rules??

I didn't think you could call special teams in House Rules, but I just played a guy who punted first play to pin me at the 10, and then kicked a FG to win when he got the ball back? Like how??
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2021.09.18 03:19 sorcerykid The illusory cis-vs-trans dichotomy`

I've long believed that the illusory cis-vs-trans dichotomy is an inadequate model of gender because it doesn’t account for how gender nonconforming people experience their gender, only whether people self-identify as a gender different than that assigned at birth, which is a remarkable oversimplification of how the construct of gender functions in our society, in particular with respect to power and privilege.
The compulsory label "cisgender" implies that gender nonconforming people are immune to (and even directly responsible for) institutional cissexism, by falsely attributing transphobic violence and discrimination to gender identity alone. Furthermore, it fails to account for any gender variation beyond a transgender-specific narrative and needlessly stigmatizes an already vulnerable and marginalized demographic of gender minorities.
For all intents and purposes, gender nonconforming people that are not transgender, should not be involuntarily classified as cisgender.
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2021.09.18 03:19 Public_Giraffe_4412 The most dangerous weapon ever built.

Sitting invisibly above you right now is a 50,000 pound tungsten rod in high earth orbit. When activated a small nuclear bomb will detonate pushing the device into free fall (Project Orion). At the front of the device are a series of plasma jets that will burn through the atmosphere to ensure minimal drag upon reentry. Just moments before impact the 10 megaton nuclear device at the back will detonate. Now, a bolt of plasma tipped tungsten is traveling downward at 50,000+ mph and right behind is the tiny but rapidly expanding nuclear disaster.
The ultra deep nuclear perpetrator.
Want to end civilization? Just pick a super volcano.
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2021.09.18 03:19 aslottedspoon Today, district admin got to listen to 20 pissed off music teachers tell them what they thought about how they were doing.

Today we had a district level training with our county office of education. We were supposed to do curriculum mapping for all of the different classes we teach, but as the meeting was getting started, one of the senior teachers in the district stood up and said that we would not be doing curriculum mapping until the district sent someone in to answer our questions and give us real answers about COVID protocols and policies. We have been left largely on our own to try to find PPE for our students and to interpret state and federal guidelines. This has resulted in every site having different rules which obviously is causing major problems.
They scrambled and were able to get someone to come in and talk to us. This person asked us what questions we had and ended up getting absolutely torn into by 20 very angry music teachers who demanded to know why we were not being supplied with proper PPE for our students, why they were not following state guidelines for music, why athletics are getting better treatment from transportation than music, and many more. The poor guy was not prepared and basically was forced to admit that the district had failed to properly support the music programs in the district.
It was one of the best moments of my teaching career, to see a group of teachers decide, without coordinating beforehand that we were not going to out up with the districts crap and demand the same treatment that other subjects and athletics got. It was beautiful.
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2021.09.18 03:19 JosshhM Não entendo

Eu sempre tive medo e vergonha de dar em cima de garotas, e o que mais me trava é o receio de não ser correspondido e virar motivo de piada. Sou sempre educado com as pessoas e não sei quando as pessoas demonstram algum interesse em mim oq me deixa meio perdido nesse assunto. E eu não sei ao certo oq faz algumas pessoas me perguntam: vc é gay ? Eu respondo que não sou hetero, mas eu acabo ficando meio pensativo depois de responder isso Tipo fico pensando se eu tenho tendência a bisexualidade, mas por as vezes pensar que alguns homens são bonitos, mas não sinto atração E eu nunca sei como agir depois da pergunta
Qual é a melhor forma de chegar em alguém ?
Eu não entendo (desculpa se algumas vezes não fez sentido e tbm por ser meio grande).
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2021.09.18 03:19 AnimatorJC Zelda Anime Op - Short Clip - WIP

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