one of my first times making a idea for BSS, very cool

2021.09.18 02:34 Kiwi_Dragonfruits one of my first times making a idea for BSS, very cool
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2021.09.18 02:34 punjabileaks Harcharan Singh Puranpur | मामले में पुलिस ने प्रेमिका व उसकी मां को पकड़ा | Harcharan Singh Pilibhit

Harcharan Singh Puranpur | मामले में पुलिस ने प्रेमिका व उसकी मां को पकड़ा | Harcharan Singh Pilibhit submitted by punjabileaks to Spot72 [link] [comments]

2021.09.18 02:34 Pizzamess killer queues is kind of killing the game for me

These killer queues are probably gonna legit make me uninstall. Waiting 5 minutes only to get lery's or hawkins just makes me shut the game down for the day.
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2021.09.18 02:34 InternetUserOrAbuser Season 6

Did S5E10 finally give us a tie off to important canon? Is Rick's happiness being destroyed by a more powerful version of himself a metaphor for how we are truly our greatest enemy? Is Morty really the main person benefitting from all of us because Rick doesn't feel? Will fans like me stop seeking deeper meaning into the show no matter how much the writers call us out for it? Is Evil Morty breaking out of the Central Finite Curve a good thing or is the show becoming too meta? Was that the eventual direction of the show regardless of who was writing it? Are they trying to say capitalism is our God? Do you believe it is a just God? Even if you don't will you do anything about it? Will I stop being a mark? Who knows find out next season !!!! BUY MERCH!!! WATCH THE EPISODES!!!
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2021.09.18 02:34 notlukadoncic Is there a tier list by utility? If not, we need one.

Returning player here after about four years - posted about that elsewhere.
As I’m trying to catch back up, I’m finding one of the hardest things is learning the utilities of all the new / buffed champs. I’d love to see tier lists that don’t focus on class, but utility.
It doesn’t even need to be the beyond-demi-god, demi-god, god, type system. Even something as simple as the top 5 champs for power control, the various immunities, damage over time, heal block, raw damage, ability accuracy reduction, etc.
As with all things, just like the existing class-based lists, I know it would be subjective. And maybe a little bit complex. But it would be very useful. If such a thing already exists, please link me!
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2021.09.18 02:34 punjabileaks Leaked Audio Viral Harcharan Singh news | Punjabi News Latest the Punjab update

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2021.09.18 02:34 bukowski90210 Cruise ship Jazz! Come check out our trio

In the style of Bill Evans, Hank Jones, etc. Hope you enjoy!
Check out this video "livestream gig"
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2021.09.18 02:34 ONE-OF-THREE Tails of Iron - Launch Trailer - Nintendo Switch

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2021.09.18 02:34 TehRussinBearR Mai, Im in a depressed mood lol, Hope you all like it

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2021.09.18 02:34 lemon_leaf7514 I blame school for starting so early

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2021.09.18 02:34 arminius23 Question about pricing.

I’ve been commissioned to do a travel job for a customer of the shop I work at. He’s bought him self a little Haas super mini mill and wants to make some parts. I’ve agreed to design, program, and setup his mill for him, so this is essentially a turn-key operation. His shop is about 180 miles from where I live, so it’ll take me just under three hours to get there. I’ve got all the fixturing designed, and toolpaths programmed, and I’ve got about 20 accumulative hours into that part of it so far. All that’s left is for me to get there, post code, and set the machine up. He’ll be paying for my hotel. (I’m getting there Saturday morning, and leaving Sunday afternoon) It shouldn’t take me more than 16 hours of coding/setup time. He’s bought all the tooling that will be used for the job, so my only overhead will essentially be drive time, and well, my time. My problem is, I’ve never done any contracting work like this before, so I’ve got no idea what the hell to charge him. Has anyone here done anything like this? I don’t want to over charge him and scare him away and make him never want to work with me again, but I also don’t want to get underpaid for this. All thoughts and opinions are helpful. Thanks.
TLDR: I’m commissioned to do a travel job, and don’t know what to charge.
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2021.09.18 02:34 punjabileaks harcharan singhb girlfriend viral video | harcharan singh girlfriend | harcharan singh

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2021.09.18 02:34 3pinephrine expecting airlines to accommodate your morbid obesity...

expecting airlines to accommodate your morbid obesity... submitted by 3pinephrine to TimDillon [link] [comments]

2021.09.18 02:34 metroid_man_190 How many times has this happened to you

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2021.09.18 02:34 fire_carpenter Mature student, graduating soon in a freelance industry.

I'm a 27-year-old with a history of personal challenges throughout my early 20s, currently re-training in a new industry. I didn't build good financial habits as a younger man, in part due to mental health challenges and in part due to parental negligence, but I'm now subscribing, researching, and trying to plan my future after graduation.
Currently I have access to $10,000 in student grants, $8000 in a federal student loan, and $4,700 remaining in an RESP.
I have one more full semester of school after the current fall semester which will cost me $1,700, and then will have some extra courses to complete in the summefall of 2022 in order to graduate.
I'm preparing to job-hunt for work beginning during the summefall of 2022, while I'm a part-time student. I'm training in an arts industry field, however I am a competent carpenter and am not above doing carpentry temporarily.
Should I put the money from my RESP and loans/grants into a high-interest savings account? Remember that this money is supposed to last me until I have a reduced course load in the summer and can apply for work. I will also need to budget regular withdrawals into my daily chequing/savings account.
For mental health reasons, I'm not one of those people who can be in school and work both full time, so in my case the challenge is to budget really well (I'm using You Need A Budget) and plan ahead.
I'm wondering if there's a way I can stretch this student income so that I can have a little bit of wiggle room when applying to jobs -- ideally I'd like to work in the arts -- and based on my skills and connections I think it's a realistic goal -- but new arts careers take a bit of time to develop.
Any advice taken into consideration! Thanks.
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2021.09.18 02:34 Portalrules123 Favourite character poll deadly neurotoxin edition - SPY (spoiler in options, be warned)

Despite being dead, ill include Kate here since so much revolves around her.
View Poll
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2021.09.18 02:34 Syttorak This game is awesome!

What character is everyone's favorite spotlight character? Specifically in the first section of the game, the Lands of Calaglia?? (I am trying to avoid spoilers because I just passed through the gates of fire right before posting this) :-)
Try to base your choice off of the overall quality of the character - Voice acting quality, personality, attitude, styling, EVERYTHING..
View Poll
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2021.09.18 02:34 derek1219 Sexual anxiety problem.

So a couple days ago my girlfriend and I made love for the first time in about two weeks. I made a previous post about how I quit porn a month 1/2 ago and how it affected our relationship. And I feel like it’s affect our sex life. There have been a few times where before a quit porn, I tried to do it with her but I wasn’t getting “into it” and of course it hurt her. The porn must’ve gotten to me. Well lately I’ve been feeling major sexual anxiety because those events get to me and I don’t want to see her hurt. Well it happened again tonight. We tried but my anxiety and thoughts got the best of me. I know she’s upset with me but she’s trying to move past it. I feel absolutely guilty. Has anyone gone thought the same thing? It’s really hard for me to get “hard” when I feel like this. I want to be with her and make her happy. I don’t want to keep doing this.
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2021.09.18 02:34 Hudson_BlaZze 125 Cruiser (Custom?) for new rider

I'm just getting to buying my first bike after I pass my CBT, and I love the cruiser style
I've been looking around and so far I've found the Lexmoto Michigan to be a good option, as well as a Yamaha YBR125.
What are some good recommendations for a starter 125 cruiser or custom bike?
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2021.09.18 02:34 lifeinvaders87 Como conhecer pessoas além do app do foguinho?

Na moral, já desisti desse aplicativo cujo logo é um fogo. Sai de um relacionamento meio conturbado tem 4 meses, venho melhorando a pouco tempo, mas como sempre fui uma pessoa sozinha, é um pouco difícil sair conhecer pessoas novas.
Não tenho amigos do peito, mas tenho bons colegas do meu antigo emprego que de vez em quando chamam para algo, mas não me sinto 100% a vontade com eles e acredito o inverso ser verdade.
Utilizo o referido app tem um tempo e só consegui sair com uma garota, ficamos por um mês, mas ela era grudenta, cobrava atenção constante, até que percebi que não queria isso pra mim...
Desde então consegui alguns matches, mas a conversa sempre esfriava em alguns dias, e já perdi as esperanças.
Eu sou introvertido, não tenho a moral de sair por aí sozinho conhecer pessoas, mas gostaria muito. Qual a experiência de vocês?
Uma excelente sexta-feira a todos!
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2021.09.18 02:34 YMA487 A game made by Artificial Intelligence Using English

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2021.09.18 02:34 jonasbelay1 🛩AirCrypto - Fair Launching! Real Utility Token🚨. Integrating the Travel Industry with Crypto. Reflections & Auto LP! @AirCryptoBSC

Let’s come back into reality & back to the projects that can actually make a difference with real life prospects and amazing use cases. Invest in something that’s worth investing!


We all know that one day crypto currency will be one of the leading form of payments in the future and it will be widely accepted almost everywhere! So why not be part of a very realistic project with a REAL utility that is extremely achievable. We will be the worlds first website to allow users to book a flight/ stay/ hotel & pay directly by their crypto assets!

Join the Telegram NOW!

To do this we only need a few partnerships with individual travel agencies and some blockchain website development to execute this well thought plan. Support us & become an early investor of your own future!

We have great ✈️AERONOMICS!
Simple, Effective, allowing the project to grow and giving holders a true incentive for being a HODLER!

-4% Reflections in AirCrypto
-4% Liquidity Pool for Stable Price Floor
-2% Marketing for constant push!
-2% Development as every creator deserves their piece.

We set out to be as transparent as possible with the community & invite all long term investors who like to see real projects blossom and not just cats and dogs that have no real world value or future sustainability!

You may be wondering why fair launch? Because we believe fair launch is more righteous then a pre-sale which is initially just a dump at the start. We believe in organic but real growth with true investors! Not day traders! We want to take it from the ground up!

Join the Telegram NOW. And make a change together!
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2021.09.18 02:34 Magicgent We like car rides

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2021.09.18 02:34 SBSnipes ChiLL (Chicago Late League) Initial details - SIGNUPS OPEN

Howdy all,
ChiLL TP signups are NOW OPEN!! Sign up by messaging !naltp to the TToC Bot.
What is ChiLL TP?
ChiLL TP is a fun/chill late night default chi server league that will take place mostly or entirely concurrently with naltp S25. Based on the interest form, default game time will be Thursdays at 11:15 PM ET. Game time and server can be changed by Captains' agreement. I'm shooting to have the draft on Thurs, Sept 23, with timing being slightly dependent on captains' availability. The Deadline to sign up will be Wednesday, Sept 22 at 3AM ET. Signups between then and the draft may be allowed on a case by case basis.
If you are interested in Captaining or GMing, DM me with your availability for the draft and playing captain vs GM/NPC preference. I will start reaching out to those who have already expressed interest this weekend.
The draft will feature an auction, but the exact format and details will depend on signups, but I'm aiming for a season of 6-10 teams with 5-6 players and old B team rotation rules. If we get more signups than I'm expecting, an expanded schedule (adding a second tier or 3rd game) is an option.
Each week will most likely consist of 40 minutes: two 20 minute games each consisting of two 10 minute halves, with 2 distinct maps each week. OT will default to direct golden cap, but captains agreement to MLTP format, silver cap, draw, or indirect golden cap is allowed.
Maps will be a combination of TPM Maps, light mods, and classic maps, with a tendency to have at least one of the two maps be an upcoming naltp map. There may be experimentation with pups, but likely only for 1/2 games. This is the only modification that received significant support in the interest form.
Further format details, specific maps, playoff plans, etc, will be announced once the league's size is finalized.
Confirmed captains so far*- (list is tentative and subject to change, also I haven't talked to many people yet and probably won't have much of a chance to until later this weekend, so don't take it personally if I haven't talked to you yet)
Captain - type - Team Name
Gryff - Playing Captain - ~nOrTh kOrEa~ Homie - Playing Captain - Weed The People\* *team name unconfirmed
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2021.09.18 02:34 ruiseixas MononokePosting Friday

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