The Premise (from BJ Novak)

2021.09.18 03:42 pharmorjac The Premise (from BJ Novak)

Has anyone checked out this show?
It doesn’t have the Sci-Fi aspect of black mirror, but each episode is a stand alone with theme about modern life.
The first two episodes came out this week and are now on Hulu.
Pretty dark and interesting - I’ll be checking out the rest of them.
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2021.09.18 03:42 dax7020 Lifetime

I was told to let my year of tivimate companion to run out and cancel auto renewal and I could sign up for lifetime subscription….. we it ran out yesterday but I can’t find anywhere to buy the lifetime subscription for tivimate companion….. when I type it in search it just shows my old companion that’s no longer active…… do I need to actually uninstall the old tivimate companion? Or is there something I’m missing? THANKYOU VERY MUCH
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2021.09.18 03:42 gilonv First Try BLIND abyss run

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2021.09.18 03:42 abstract_void_bot What is the best way to pass a boolean value into a constructor?

I'm trying to pass a boolean value into a constructor of a class and I'm getting this error.

 public boolean UserInput(Person person) { this.person = person; } public boolean UserUser(Person person) { if(this.person.Boolean == true) { this.person.Boolean = true; } System.out.println("You are " + + " " + this.age + " years old!"); this.user.Name = this.age; this.age++; } else if(this.person.Boolean == false) { this.person.Boolean = false; this.age++; } System.out.println(this.person.Name); this.age = this.age; } else if(this.person.Boolean == true) { this.person.PersonName = person; this.age++; } } } } } 
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2021.09.18 03:42 B0K4JJ Loving the lore this season, so I present Ager of the Awoken

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2021.09.18 03:42 YangFat Ajuda com preço pra vender meu pc

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2021.09.18 03:42 Electronic-Hat3459 Kpop boy ands are ruining it for the rest of the Asian males

Kpop ruining it for Asian males and just don’t think their image is helping with Asian males in general. Now some may argue it’s giving more attention to Asian males in general which is true but the wrong attention. I don’t get why they all gotta wear heavy makeup and be looking all feminine. And Asian males in general are stigmatised for being not masculine enough and these little kpop boy groups just aren’t helping. I really don’t see the appeal in this.
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2021.09.18 03:42 juney2131 App issues

Is anyone still having app issues with signing up for classes or joining waitlists?! My membership shows class pack when I’ve been unlimited for three years! Doesn’t help I have switched over to another local studio!
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2021.09.18 03:42 Timely-Seaweed-3083 Ear pain

About 2 or so months ago I was at work and heard a loud alarm next to my left ear. My ear instantly started feeling weird and I started coughing and feeling like I wanted to vomit. I waited a couple weeks before going to a doctor. In that time my ear started feeling full and I could hear my own voice in that ear really well and sometimes even hear my heartbeat or myself breathe. After 2-3 weeks I went to a ent doctor who said my ear looked fine and sent me home even tho I was complaining still. So 3 or so weeks later and now sounds have started to really bug me. Not all sounds but especially at work it can seem kinda bad and when it’s bugging me really bad sometimes I start to feel sick or my ear just doesn’t feel right. Sounds don’t exactly feel louder necessarily they just bug my ear somehow. Also when I breathe it seems like it goes in my nose and all the way to my ear. It kinda feel open in there while also feeling full at the same time. I’m curious if anyone could know what might be going on cause I’ve never had any of these issues before. I have another appointment with the ent doctor again but not for another week. Usually it feels the best when I’m laying in bed at home with no noise. Usually being at home in general doesn’t bug me too badly but maybe a little bit sometimes.
I’m male, 31 years old, and I take losartan blood pressure medicine if that helps.
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2021.09.18 03:42 SupersoakingAMX How to fix France's spaa gaps

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2021.09.18 03:42 NoahTheDuke Episode 427 - Canonical Zacny

Duration: 127 minutes
We’re all caught in it so we might as well talk about it! Deathloop has it’s hooks in the entire Waypoint Radio crew to the point that we invited on a special guest just so we could talk about it more. Moises Taveras joins Rob, Patrick, and Cado to talk about the game’s stellar mix of roguelike and immersive sim systems. After the break, Patrick shares his ending thoughts on Life is Strange: True Colors, and discusses how the franchise’s arc with supernatural powers seems to be waning, even though the general writing is getting sharper. Then Rob checks in with the opening hours of Lost Judgment, a game that bewilderingly opens on a story that feels like a 90’s after school special.
Discussed: Deathloop 17:43, Life is Strange: True Colors 1:17:17, Lost Judgment 1:34:39
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2021.09.18 03:42 Americanshat I don't think Ivan will escape quickly as his foot is welded into the plane.

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2021.09.18 03:42 astronomnomnomy Love to see a good American Dad reference in the wild

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2021.09.18 03:42 Lunatic_Heretic Can God be mad at us for being mad at Him?

This is just a rhetorical. For eg., if you prayed for your mother to beat a cancer but she doesn't or for your wife who has fertility issues to have a baby but she (repeatedly) miscarries, I would suppose anger at God is a natural reaction (whether rational or not and recognizing that He does not answers prayers in that way). When you come face-to-face with the Creator - assuming you don't end up "downstairs" - would you be punished for the sin of being angry at Him or does He understand that He created us with emotions and how does He respond to our anger?
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2021.09.18 03:42 evilsbane60 Just upgraded this week, and I'm loving it

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2021.09.18 03:42 NineteenSkylines Generic /r/nineteenskylines election

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2021.09.18 03:42 TheParrott_ looking for Magikarp raid invites

1058 6366 8549
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2021.09.18 03:42 antianit ween is god and i will hold every band to those standards

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2021.09.18 03:42 melodywise I’d love some help finding a pattern that will show off these super neat prints. More info in comments!

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2021.09.18 03:42 shariding1 Help me move forward

Is there anyone else out there who is married but met someone else they just can’t seem to let go of?
I met someone online over a year ago now. We spoke all day everyday for 3 months until he ended it. We met up once during this time. He did message me again about 6 months ago but I felt he was a different person and wasn’t treating me with respect so I called him out on it and deleted him.
I just want to know how to be happy and content in my marriage again. To go back to the way things used to be because I love my husband but I’m struggling emotionally and miss my TF. Not even sure if he’s my twin flame but I stumbled across the concept after googling it. Has anyone else been in this situation and has found themselves happiness again? And if so, I need to know how.
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2021.09.18 03:42 SarlaccAteMyAss How exactly will the secret battlepass rewards work if the weekly challenges reset each week?

Looking at the weekly challenges, there's a timer next to them that indicates when they will reset. If the secret rewards work like they have for the last 14 seasons, how will they work if you have to complete each week's challenges within 7 days? Perhaps those aren't the challenges they will go by? Maybe they require us to have completed a certain number of punchcards.
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2021.09.18 03:42 AirlineBrave4641 [POSITIVE] for /u/jlhollander [seller]

Great coins, quick mailing, well packed!!
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2021.09.18 03:42 DonPristos Decided to go with the charro look, this is the cold outfit.

Decided to go with the charro look, this is the cold outfit.
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2021.09.18 03:42 D_D Mid/side processing using mono outboard gear

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2021.09.18 03:42 _whereUgoing_II This date is going to make me fly! Bhang = Cannabis laced sweet drink.

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