Obscuring Question

2021.09.18 03:37 shane95r Obscuring Question

So for cover it's clearly illustrated that if any lines go over cover you receive cover, is this the same for obscuring? I have a situation that 80% of a model is sticking out past a piece of heavy terrain in the middle of the table, does he get obscuring since SOME of the target is behind a heavy terrain?
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2021.09.18 03:37 GotemCoach123 [Mayer]: Jarred Kelenic is the youngest @Mariners player with a multi-homer game since Alex Rodríguez hit 2 HR on Aug. 21, 1996.

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2021.09.18 03:37 akinsgre Books about Israel Palestine history from 1917 to the 70s

I just finished Bible and Sword by Tuchman and Iron Wall by Shlaim is on its way
But I'm looking for any other books that cover the time between the Palestine Mandate up through the 1970s.
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2021.09.18 03:37 Ok-Avocado-5876 Digging these 14 dollar lights I got off Amazon. Make it so much more fun!

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2021.09.18 03:37 BetterU2BRNamedLogan TIL THE END: An Unofficial AMPHIBIA SEASON 3 Trailer Edit

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2021.09.18 03:37 memoriesofcold Mississippi says Covid-19 deaths in pregnant women are rising -- and it's pleading with them to get vaccinated

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2021.09.18 03:37 I_thght_he_was_wth_u Sony subsidiary makes a PS5 SSD that’s even further out of your reach

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2021.09.18 03:37 BShiego Constant dropping from matches

THIS launch is absolutely disgusting in how it was handled for the servers. What are we at now? Season idk... TEN 10? Yea? There are thousands of people being disconnected constantly for issues within the games coding that ISN'T their fault or on purpose by the player. Everyone who has lost rp or gotten penalties for being disconnected should get back everything they lost. This is not right to the player base. PC players are crashing SO hard they can't even alt out of the game to shut it down and try restarting it. Fix your team and your launches respawn.
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2021.09.18 03:37 caffeinatedENGR Fucking stupid.

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2021.09.18 03:37 ngo_dm_aa Comment 4 Comment - New Digimon Video

https://youtu.be/maisJ4shD9Q - watch for 5 mins
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2021.09.18 03:37 kitteatime15 NA server issues?

Just wondering if something is wonky with the NA server. My friend and I keep getting disconnected from the game client like every 15ish min...
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2021.09.18 03:37 chaosquall The argo cargo memes

How many whales are using their alt accounts or buying new packages just to vote for the carrack lmao I never seen so many pissed off people in game and on spectrum and streamers its actually so funny.
If the cargo gets 1# you have to admit its pretty funny
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2021.09.18 03:37 chickennuggie_ I (19F) had such a great first date with a guy (20M) I’ve just started seeing, but now I’m worried he’s losing interest. Am I overthinking?

I asked him out at a music venue / club thingy and later on he suggested going for coffee, and we did and we ended up going to a park since the coffee place actually was closed. I remember he had said he had looked up how long coffee dates last and they said an hour or two and we both takes about how we have no idea what we are doing with this kind of stuff since we hadn’t really been on dates with people we didn’t really know.
I suggested we could go out to a pub or something and he said sure, and we ended up spending seven hours instead of one or two.
We got along really well and he laughed at a lot of my jokes and he did start to look at me in a way that suggested he was starting to like me in that way.
By the end of the date when he was going home, he said “I’ll see you soon” and I said “Yeah, whenever” and his facial expression after made it seem like he was happy I said that since he smiled a bit more.
Like ten minutes after he left, I sent him a photo I took of him from the night, and he saved the photo in the chat and also said he had a good time.
I told him me too and I said we should meet before I go to Paris (I went there for a week). He said yes and I asked about meeting on Saturday and he said he couldn’t because he was going back home, and then he said he could meet Friday but I couldn’t since I was gonna be at a concert.
About a week after that date, while I was in Paris, I commented on his story about his kittens and it seemed like he was making an effort to keep the conversation going. Like it seemed like he was trying to be funny and he also mentioned a few things which proved he remembered details from the date.
While we were joking around a bit in the chat, he mentioned that “next time we were going out ___ etc”, which obviously indicated that he still wanted to keep seeing me.
Eventually I replied like an hour later since I was busy with my friend (my text was me joking about how he would buy me a drink and his reply was “hmm”. I replied “mhm” and it made me stupidly insecure that since he had said “hmm”, he started to lose interest.
When I got back from Paris, a couple days later I messaged him telling I was back and asked if he wanted to meet sometime. Like a half hour later he said “sure, do you have anything in mind”, and i said “no idea tbh, i guess we could do the same thing as last time and see what we wanna do?” he said “okay, i’ll see when i’m free”, this made me the most insecure since he hadn’t asked about a specific day.
Am I overthinking? Or could he have lost interest?
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2021.09.18 03:37 SmoothYado What were your discouraging mindset barriers and what was your resolve?

What are some mental barriers that hinder new entrepreneurs from starting their desired business?
For better context, one major barrier for me was being overwhelmed at all the possible ideas -
And then the barrier that inspired this post; the scarcity vs abundance mindset.
It took a lot to accept that I can't realistically re-invent the wheel as well, and that it's not necessary.
And a lot to realize that I don't need to feel discouraged if my business idea turns out to not be 100% original, which it turns is not what being an entrepreneur in its entirety is about.
What I want to know, and be able to share with others through this post is.
What was your realization or eye opener that made you confide in your ability to become start your business or become an entrepreneur?
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2021.09.18 03:37 sasuke-lp Dead Letter Circus - Say It Won't Be Long

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2021.09.18 03:37 StarWarsJunkie1 Cost of Living

Could someone tell me the average minimum wage vs cost of living on the different planets? I know its in one of the books but I don't recall which.
Thanks a bunch.
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2021.09.18 03:37 Lain_exe98 Indicação de caixa geek

Eu gostaria de recomendação de caixas temática surpresa com tema de videogame que não seja a loja nerd ao cubo pq la é mds só porcaria... Se puderem compartilhar alguma loja ficarei grata :D
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2021.09.18 03:37 japanidol きのホ。- 観月京 -Music Video-

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2021.09.18 03:37 pukingdads Renovating 1/2 bathroom to add shower

We have one full bathroom upstairs with a tub shower. This bathroom is next to the 3 bedrooms in the house. We have a 1/2 bathroom downstairs on the main floor by the living room we were thinking of adding a stand up shower.
Do you think this addition would be appealing to new buyers? Is it worth renovating if it won’t make a difference?
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2021.09.18 03:37 CountingDownTheDays5 Saying she post of FDS isn't an insult to me, there is a reason this is my main account IDC.

When he has been hit with a "fatality" via a comment, reply, or post they want to comment "She post on FDS." And? Is that suppose to belittle the fact that I dragged you by you balding scalp? Does that reduce the fact that I am right? Am I suppose to be ashamed? Does it look like a care? Do you think I will delete my post to hide where I comment, and where I am the most? I post where I wanna post, I do what I wanna do, I meant what I said and I said what I meant. You can be mad all you like that I'm dating fine, dragging you by your ball hairs, and still posting on FDS and you are single, fapping in the dark. There is a reason this is my main account, IDC. I don't use a throwaways. I believe in a lot of what FDS says, and when I feel FDS commenters and participates are wrong I call them out. Hence my black woman post.
But stop coming here, following me, and trying to use this as a way to boost your argument. I am logical and don't look through your post history yet it says you never had a dated, you post nudes of yourself (with a 4" penis), and you lurk on female post. That is not important to the subject, I keep the topic for what it is. So try again.
Also this is in reply to another post here. Be confident to post here. Nothing wrong with having set standards, nothing wrong with not putting up with anyone ish, and nothing wrong with enjoying FDS.
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2021.09.18 03:37 totallyjebbush Is shield pulse (and to an extent, defensive specials) still a viable skill in the current meta?

I know L!Corrin in particular uses SP really well, but that's more because of negating fang than anything else. Dedue has a defensive special, and it synergizes well wit his kit, but I'm not sure how many people kept it when he has good atk/def stat.
I'm not really looking to build the best of the best, moreso trying to challenge myself with building characters I like, but making sure they run well and that the builds are useful and potentially even unique. I know SP is unpopular, especially when there are other B slot skills like QR or brash assault for slow units, or the speed based DR skills for fast ones.
I was thinking about building Balthus, and I decided to not only give him atk/def unity from Fjorm, but decided "hey why not" and threw in shield pulse. My question is less so about my particular build, but about shield pulse + non-prf DR specials as a whole. Are there any cases in which they could even be worth using? or are they forever and always going to be outclassed by other B skills and specials? Even if it is a niche, I'd love to know what that niche would be, and that's better than nothing.
I just want to know if there are more possibilities for unique builds like that, since i know how uncommon a skill it is, and how quick people are to discard DR specials.
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2021.09.18 03:37 guestboy88 this is gonna be higher than $6 next week after earnings🏆

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2021.09.18 03:37 fishcute Showing a client-side particle

So recently I’ve gotten into client side stuff, and I’ve been trying to figure out how to show client side particles (For a client side mod). I’ve been having some trouble trying to do this.
Currently I’m trying to use ParticleManager#addParticle, but I can’t seem to figure out how to use the class ParticleEffect. I’m not sure if this is the best method to achieve what I’m looking for. If there is a better way to do this, let me know.
Any help would be appreciated, also if any of you know how to play client side sounds, please let me know too.
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2021.09.18 03:37 trashy10_00 Is salt and pepper some sort of code?

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2021.09.18 03:37 butterbean150 Thoughts on Minimums for banning on tinder?

So after somehow being banned from tinder I’ve found it to be an absolute pain to get back on. From research I’ve done it seem like I will need a New Number New device
I may possibly need a new Apple ID, because I do use apple products. Also I may need to not use my current WiFi when creating the account. It would be advisable to also create a new email, if paying for a one time phone number code-if logged out you can use the email to recover.
Is this right?
What is the best way/service to get a new number for verification? I do not have anyone I can just “ask”. Prepaid/burner phone could work but is more work, and I don’t think a flip phone could work. Though the ability to have an android (no Apple ID) and ease to change numbers is nice. This would also allow full control/ownership of my “account”. Paying for a one time code would be cheapest and would work. How can I do this? What sites to recommend? Cost?
I have an old iPhone I don’t use anymore. I plan to use the app on there. Though I still need to not be on MY WiFi (won’t buy service) and need to unlink my Apple ID once the app is on there.
So a new email would be useful for logging back in. Is this it?
Bonus: I’ve seen videos on YouTube about using DuckDuckGo web browser app, this would allow me to swipe on my current daily phone. Would forever need to log into tinder through DDG. Is that a possibility?
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