Does Soen ever tour in the US?

2021.10.23 13:32 KinklePinkle Does Soen ever tour in the US?

Love this band. Is there some ideological reason they don't tour in the states?
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2021.10.23 13:32 Remarkable_Ad7873 PumpShibaX | Huge marketing experience | Based team | CMC and CG fast track | First PumpShibaX Play to Earn game

Welcome to the newest member of the legendary crypto dog family 🐶. PumpShibaX has watched his elders soar to amazing heights and is now ready for his own moonshot and to surpass his father, Shiba🚀
10% : Tax applied to each transaction (Buy & Sell)
➡️ Marketing 1%: These funds are used to bring in more hype and have organic growth for the token. They are also used to cover the maintenance costs of the project and the development of future utility projects.
➡️ Buybacks 1% : Two percent of the total volume will be used to buyback and insure the chart a healthy growth regardless of market conditions.
➡️ Reflections 7% : Three percent of every transaction will be redistributed in $PSHIBAX tokens to all our holders, ensuring you get rewarded for being diamond hands.
➡️ Liquidity: 1%: This automatic protocol is here to sustain the liquidity pool and help the project economic wise.
1- PumpShibaX will release its Play to Earn (P2E) blockchain game, allowing users to earn rewards, purchase non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to use within the game.
2- In order to expand the PumpShibaX ecosystem, a decentralized application (dApp) will be enhanced to implement in-app betting
Aware of all the scams around the crypto sphere, especially the Binance Smart Chain, our holders’ trust and safety are our number 1 priority.
The contract will be audited before the presale Our contract will be public and available to everyone who wants to read it. PancakeSwap Liquidity will be locked for 1 year and will be extended for 5 years. We will use the auto lock function from the Deeplock platform. We will frequently organize AMA with the whole team to be fully transparent in front of our community.
⚡️Short roadmap:

💰 Huge marketing experience with special partnerships in the crypto market!
🐶 Links:
Contract address: 0xf5bda9741b4554b5881a760ac903a11281ff1d53
Renounced Ownership:
LP Locked:
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2021.10.23 13:32 kikirayon Which Scindapsus?

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2021.10.23 13:32 bolo1729 Single shot

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2021.10.23 13:32 ComfortableHot2951 A peticion de Ansxario

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2021.10.23 13:32 teawithmilkplz After a lot of closet poetry writing about my depressive thoughts. I finally decided to compile them into a mini-zine. Writing really helps me to keep calm and accept myself. Void contains 13 poems spread across 14 pages, covering topics of a cluttered, agonizing state of mind, depressive thoughts.
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2021.10.23 13:32 MatchCaster [Pre-Match thread] SV Sandhausen vs Werder Bremen

Pre-Match Thread: SV Sandhausen - Werder Bremen October 24, 2021, at 11:30 (UTC). BWT-Stadion am Hardtwald

Current Standings
# Team GP W D L GF GA GD P
1 FC St. Pauli 10 7 1 2 23 10 +13 22
2 FC Nurnberg 11 5 6 0 16 7 +9 21
3 Jahn Regensburg 10 5 4 1 21 11 +10 19
4 FC Schalke 04 10 6 1 3 17 11 +6 19
5 SC Paderborn 07 11 5 3 3 22 13 +9 18
6 Hamburger SV 11 4 6 1 18 13 +5 18
7 SV Darmstadt 98 11 5 2 4 25 14 +11 17
8 Karlsruher SC 11 4 4 3 17 15 +2 16
9 Fortuna Dusseldorf 11 4 3 4 17 17 0 15
10 FC Heidenheim 11 4 3 4 12 17 -5 15
11 Werder Bremen 10 4 2 4 14 15 -1 14
12 Dynamo Dresden 10 4 1 5 13 12 +1 13
13 Hansa Rostock 10 3 2 5 11 15 -4 11
14 Hannover 96 10 3 2 5 7 13 -6 11
15 Holstein Kiel 11 2 4 5 11 21 -10 10
16 SV Sandhausen 10 2 2 6 9 21 -12 8
17 Erzgebirge AUE 11 1 4 6 8 18 -10 7
18 FC Ingolstadt 04 11 1 2 8 7 25 -18 5
Recent form
SV Sandhausen: DLWLLL
Werder Bremen: LLWWDL
Odds These Odds are just for statistics. Please dont bet your life away.
Bookmaker Home Draw Away
Head to Head
Date Result Competition
Team Statistics
SV Sandhausen
Games Played 5 5 10
Wins 0 2 2
Draws 1 1 2
Loss 4 2 6
Goals For 2 7 9
Goals Against 13 8 21
Goals For 0.4 1.4 0.9
Goals Against 2.6 1.6 2.1
Werder Bremen
Games Played 4 4 8
Wins 1 2 3
Draws 1 1 2
Loss 2 1 3
Goals For 5 6 11
Goals Against 7 5 12
Goals For 1.3 1.5 1.4
Goals Against 1.8 1.3 1.5
[ All data provided by MatchCaster ^(*, a next level football threading bot - fully configurable and customized threads controlled by moderators of this subreddit.
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2021.10.23 13:32 lauthom93 Alfonso Ribeiro appreciation

I just rewatched all of his dances on YouTube and halfway through I realized I had this huge grin on my face. He and Witney were golden as partners and he really was so much fun to watch.
Anyone feel like sharing your favorite Alfonso routine? Or anything else you enjoyed about his time on the show! 😁
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2021.10.23 13:32 PlatanoSalesman Game Crashes On Startup. PC Gamepass.

Title. Any solutions?
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2021.10.23 13:32 AloofDad [WDYWT] Shades of White

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2021.10.23 13:32 WindyCityReturn Big week for military academies with all 3 playing at home vs undefeated, ranked teams.

Just thought it was interesting and a big week for all three academies. I expect at least one upset from one of them.
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2021.10.23 13:32 Dababy_God 15 6” Texas Mesquite looking for a skinny bottom add me on snap- angel1_11111

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2021.10.23 13:32 Jackedger21 Glitch or?

I signed into my Home base being attacked, just a normal dragon sweep obliterating my base once again. Nothing crazy. Although I immediately noticed that my new Halloween scenery was not visible during the live replay(my base was displaying the default scenery). After the live replay I returned to my base and my new Halloween scenery was active. I'm not sure if its a glitch or some small bug. Just thought I would put it out there. 😄
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2021.10.23 13:32 Suhas44 POV: We play Arminia Bielefeld away

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2021.10.23 13:32 MrBear50 Weekend Free Talk

This is a thread that is less moderated than the rest of the subreddit. Our rules of treating one another with kindness, respect and general codes of conduct still apply. But go ahead and share any content that may not fit in elsewhere, such as celebrity crushes, how your week has been, that cute photo of your cat, or a picture of yourself if you slept through last Wednesday’s megathread - anything goes (:
Reminder: is a great hosting site for sharing images via links in threads. Please be mindful of your username if it is different than your reddit handle, and to choose whether you would like your post public or hidden.
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2021.10.23 13:32 KettleFromNorway Visual generic sorting platform

Hi, I think that a really useful gadget would be a configurable and generic device to sort objects visually and perhaps also by other input, like weight. I think this would be a great machine that would be useful in many circumstances, like sorting nails/screws, lego bricks, beads, food items, or whatever else needs sorting.
Is there anything like this out there? I've seen several projects around online, like: (fairly easy to improve) (this is good)
But these are all quite specific, and it seems everyone is redesigning their own structure, mechanics, electronics and software. I think sorting would be worthy of a generic open hardware and software collaboration project, that could be scaled or otherwise configured for specific applications.
If there's something like this already out there, let me know.
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2021.10.23 13:32 916reddit Another accident at 12th and I St -This time Bangkok@12 Thai was spared

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2021.10.23 13:32 dayvurrd Had to take off my steering wheel, now ive started my car the airbag light is on

So long story short i bought a steering wheel cover i have to stitch on myself and it was super awkward to sew on from the drivers seat, so i took the steering wheel off. Put it back together and the car has an airbag fault although everything is plugged in.
2010 vw scirocco. Ive tried to clear codes but none are found when i seqrch for them, taken the negative terminal off the battery to try reset it, still there.
Any ideas?
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2021.10.23 13:32 MesslyNope A Playlist! Rhythms and Blues and Hues and Fun!
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2021.10.23 13:32 lodedtater Is there a benefit to surrendering over losing?

I never understood why people surrender with like 20 seconds left to a game. Unless there is a benefit to surrendering over losing a game, I’d rather just finish out the 20 seconds personally.
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2021.10.23 13:32 StarksTwins What do you guys think of my new tattoo?

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2021.10.23 13:32 Equivalent-First Charity event question:

So I’m looking to host a 6 hour charity event next month, and I’m trying to figure out which time would be best for a Friday or Saturday night. Right now my plan was the session at 8pm edt. with an hour practice, 8min qualifying then the race. Is that too late? I was basing it out of iRacing special events.
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2021.10.23 13:32 Madscotsman11 I fucking hate it here.

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2021.10.23 13:32 parochial_nimrod Where to purchase tires

When the original tires go bald, where do you guys purchase your tires in the continental US? The website I purchased my car offers new tires but they are for $500 each plus shipping which is close to $1,000. Basically the vehicle is totaled once the tires expire. Thanks!
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2021.10.23 13:32 damngfhfg Looking For SMP Like the DreamSMP.

Hey! im looking for a minecraft server that Im allowed to make lore on

DM Me Stck_Giver_#3162
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