Petition to make the glue gunner a support monkey

This page is for all the towers that the community has created! Towers are the main and only way to counter Enemies, each and every tower is special in every way such as towers that deals heavy offensive damage, boss shredders, stunners and more.Towers created by the community can be viewed and even you can make some! Bloons TD 6 Hotkeys: BTD 6 Steam Hotkeys & Controls. The Bloons are back and better than ever! Get ready for a massive 3D tower defense game designed to give you hours and hours of the best strategy gaming available. Shoots a blob of sticky glue that slows Bloons down by 50%.Bloons TD 6 Description Glue Gunner is a monkey tower who made its first appearance in Bloons TD 4. It also appears in Bloons TD 4 Expansion, Bloons TD 5, and Bloons TD 6. It slows down bloons to 50% speed (40% for Glue Hose, and 30% with Glue Striker Ability, Flash only) by shooting them with globs of glue. In games other than BTD4 ... Bloons Tower Defense 7: Monkey Rule (also called Bloons Tower Defense 6 Expansion by some fans) is the newest BTD game and the sequel to BTD6. It's quite similar to BTD6 as it has three upgrade paths and five tiers. But it has more towers, heroes, and two dangerously strong MOABs. Also special agents from BTD5 appear here. New towers like Monkey Tank, Soldier Monkey, Monkey Drone, Monkey Diver ... Credits and distribution permission. Other user's assets All the assets in this file belong to the author, or are from free-to-use modder's resources; Upload permission You can upload this file to other sites but you must credit me as the creator of the file; Modification permission You are allowed to modify my files and release bug fixes or improve on the features so long as you credit me as ... A mod for Bloons TD Battles, this mod adds 2 more tiers on the left side and 4 more on the right side for all towers. Plus exclusive towers and hero tower as well! The 4M Super Monkey upgrade, the Sun Temple, sacrifices most 5th tier towers, along with sun worshippers, within a 6 tile radius, destroying them in exchange for additional attacks and various buffs. The 5M upgrade doubles the fire rate and power of the previous sacrificial bonus(es), but doesn't sacrifice more towers. Probably due to a bug, the range bonus from any sacrifices is lost when ... The Glue Gunner is a Primary-class tower in Bloons TD 6 that shoots glue which slows down Bloons.The tower retains its name and role from the Bloons TD 4, and 5 game generations, with significant additions.It did not receive any teasers prior to release, but it was first shown when the game was available to select YouTubers several days before BTD6's official release date. ? glue gunner 1? trippy (trippy) 124? barcode 228? bodysuit 3441? brain injection 2005? breasts 70625? drone 763? femsub 84776? green lipstick 97? latex 3602? maledom 21655? memetic control 550? monkey 59? tagme 5705? western 9708 GLUE GUNNER. Glue Gunners are a bit tricky as upgrading a Glue Gunner to The Bloon Solver and having one with Super Glue may cause them to cancel each other out over and over again. In some cases, using both maxed out towers can be effective, but in other cases, it can just prove to be an annoying counter-intuitive method.

2021.10.23 13:50 true_sun_god1000 Petition to make the glue gunner a support monkey

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2021.10.23 13:50 Christy004 If anyone has this card, could they list it? I'll buy it for max price.

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2021.10.23 13:50 chace_thibodeaux Why Should Americans Trust the Supreme Court Anymore?

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2021.10.23 13:50 Electrical-Ad-9634 Need rec team. 92 and under. Ps4. 7'3 post

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2021.10.23 13:50 33alicia33 el SECRETO OVNI del VOLCÁN DE LA PALMA

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2021.10.23 13:50 dontskateboard Temporary Disability Insurance questions. NJ

I apologize if this isn’t the right place, I received surgery and am unable to work for a few months.
I was hoping to apply for NJs disability since I paid into it as a NJ worker. When applying, it asks about a job I held previously, last year. I was told they have a private plan and I should reach out to them.
I am no longer employed by them and haven’t been for about 6/7 months.
Am I still entitled to it since I paid into it before? Or am I just SOL?
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2021.10.23 13:50 KristopherPratt45 Billy Strings

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2021.10.23 13:50 evil_tugboat_capn Frozen tamales from ALDI’s and IKEA meatballs steamed together. With mustard/mayo remoulade. The tamales didn’t hold together too well.

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2021.10.23 13:50 Saggytitties102 “ I just want you to pet me….”

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2021.10.23 13:50 EpicaIIyAwesome Anyone have any ideas for glider birthday food? I want to do something special for my girl, Sally. This is a picture of her when she was healing from rejection. She has come a long way.

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2021.10.23 13:50 A-common-guy [US] [Selling] MHA and Berserk singles

Shipping is included in all prices
Berserk 4-6, 9 (G5): 65$
MHA 1-5 (G4): 45$
Akame Ga Kill 1 & 2 (G4) 17$ (dm me for pics)
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2021.10.23 13:50 J00seBawks Looking for some feedback on my Gyrus deck!

Hello! I bought everything I needed to finish this deck list yesterday and played it in a 1v1 last night. While I won turn 11, it is certainly not focused enough. I'm hoping a few folks could take a look at the deck list below and give some pointers on what to cut/add. Im looking to play somewhere around power level 6-7 probably. Also Im on a pretty tight budget, so while I know they'd be a huge upgrade I undortunately can't be running things [[Doubling season]] or [[parallel lives]]
Any tips on cuts, budget adds, and also something to help my mana base be more consistent would be greatly appreciated!!
Hope yall are having a great weekend!
The deck:
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2021.10.23 13:50 AoCCoM Infinity Overlord

In my Overlord X Marvel idea, I've decided to give them the Infinity Stones, though I don't know who to give it to.
Mare=Space Stone.
Aura=Soul Stone.
Cocytus=Power Stone.
Sebas=Time Stone.
Demiurge=Mind Stone.
Shalltear=Reality Stone.
Albedo=Love Stone.
Yuri=Mind Stone.
Narberal=Reality Stone.
Lupusregina=Space Stone.
Solution=Soul Stone.
CZ=Time Stone.
Entoma=Power Stone.
(I will not give them to Ainz BTW, so he's not a option)
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2021.10.23 13:50 Mallard_of_glory How to complete Horde Rush as a solo [Guide] [Updated]

How to complete Horde Rush as a solo [Guide] [Updated] This is an update of my last post here where I outlined some ways to beat horde rush as a solo. This post includes all the information from it so you dont have to look at both.
Welcome back to another long guide on how to beat horde rush. This time with more information and location specific data!
The locations I have beat this game mode in have started in Lazy, Believer and Bony Burbs.
This guide isnt for points. If you are trying to get points, the easiest way is to play in a squad. If you do want points, make sure to shoot all the cube monsters you see.

Drop spot and looting:
Your drop spot doesnt matter. Looting from the outside in allows you to gain more loot, but since you are a solo, it really doesnt matter.

Weapons: Weapons are easy to come by but choosing the right ones can be hard. I have outlined the best ones ive found to use so far.
  • Sideways rifle. 1 shot headshots the lower tier cube monsters, overall good for long distance.
  • Sideways minigun. Good for taking out tons of groups of cube monsters. Best weapons to beat down the end boss
  • Scythe. Allows for the best movement, good for running to zones.
  • Shotguns. Only use these while up close to the cube monsters. The automatic shotgun can take out crowds easily, while the lever can quickly take out smaller groups. Fire rate is what you're looking for as most of them 1 shot the cube monsters, so pump isnt the best here.
  • Grenade launchers. Shot myself and nearly killed myself. Hard to take out hordes, I dont recommend it but can be good in a pinch or if you're wary with it

Consumables, heres a list, same idea as the weapons outlining the best ones to use.
  • Glider redeploy. Worth it if you like to build up high, or need a quick escape from a large horde.
  • Shadow flopper. Pair this with a launchpad, if you dash forward into the sky you can go insanely high, and then glide down. Ive knocked from 30 seconds to a minute and 30 seconds off of rounds doing this.
  • Bandages. Bandages are the lower tier of medical items. Only useful in between rounds as you will be targeted by cube monsters the entire time. Not worth it, only pick up im emergencies.
  • Chug splash. Easy to use, pretty common, heals health and shield. Best one, highly recommend picking up for the boss fight and for use in general.
  • Grenades/Clingers. Grenades and clingers are helpful for clearing large groups easily. Clingers are the best, you just need to run, throw one, keep running.
  • Candy. Eat on the spot, not too useful as the effect is short, but it can give a quick breather.
  • Launchpad, fun, good, helpful. Pick it up, place it down anywhere and you have a easy round or an easy rotate for a bit.

Traps are passive income for shield, stay on the trap grindset. Since only spike traps are in this, ill go over best trap placement.
I highly reccomed placing traps in areas where you can easily funny cube monster in and a building area so they dont destroy the structure as they sometimes do with play build structures. You can easily run through and kill one or two, or even up to 10 at the same time with this without having to do anything.
other places, are on the ground in the open, where cube monsters will walk over. With traps you can also just leave them out, cube monster will wander into them.
First zone:
First zone is easy. You can outrun the monsters, and are in a large area with buildings. You can either hide in a building, or just run around in the open while turning around to take shots at the crowd you are creating.
Look for clinger drops, as throwing those into a crowd will get you a ton of kills and points. You can also look for multipliers, grabbing those will get rid of a large chunk of the crowd and come with a point bonus.
Once you get a horde going, you can kill them with the clinger and grenade method, or just funnel them into a tunnel and shoot into it like I do.
Second zone (moving):
Most drop spots have an area up high, take advantage of that by building an awesome skybase. The cube monsters will be in shock of it and just leave you alone! Once you run out of mats, use a glider redeploy or shadow flopper to get down. Easiest way to get through, but burns a lot of mats.
Using a shadow flopper and launch pad, you can dash farrrrrr into the sky and take 30 seconds to a minute off of the time. Highly recommend for the rounds with moving zones as its easy to get through and takes little to no effort.
If you cannot do any of those, simply just run around the zone in a circle and avoid hordes. Shoot cube monsters ahead and ignore the ones behind you. Target cube monsters that throw or explode, to fill up the spawn cap full of useless cube monsters.
Third zone:
Depending on where this zone is, there may be camp spots. One round I had was in weeping, while the other was in a random part of the map.
To not camp:
Step one is to get up high. Buildings are the best as they provide cover and a lot of stuff for the cube monsters to break to get to you. Stand on a roof, and if you feel so build cover. Take shots at ice cube monsters and ones that throw stuff as they're annoying and can cause you to take damage and slide off. To get rid of the miniboss, wait until its shield is down and shoot while its shooting for the first couple of seconds as her minigun charges up, then wait. You can shoot around the shield, so try different angles or getting up high and shooting down.

pew pew
If you're able to find a camping spot, like I did:

You're set for the round. Only issue is the miniboss minigun but its easily defeated, just shoot at the cubed monsters standing still as they have a broken ai if they cant get to you. Make sure you shoot all the ranged cubed monsters close to you, as they will try to hit you.
Take this time to also shoot at the cube monsters far off but target a group when they respawn. It will lead to a lot of loot piling up so you can easily pick it up after the round ends.
To find a camping spot, I look for parts of the mothership that are sticking out of the ground and build up onto them, shooting out my builds. Essentially, just find something invincible, out of range, and stand on it.
(they just stand still for the entire round)
After this round ends, run to all the piles of loot you hopefully got, and upgrade your weapons to as high as they can get. Try to upgrade your minigun first.
4th zone (moving):
I HIGHLY recommend you pick up the scythe if you are able to (replace with a consumable), the jumping powerup is a life saver and its incredibly useful for the ending.
This round you can just run through. TARGET ICE CUBE MONSTERS ONLY!!! Cannot stress this enough, the ice will lead you sliding everywhere and you can get stuck in storm. If you do get iced, build walls around you quickly so you stop sliding and use the scythe to jump back into zone.
Final zone (BOSS) (5th):
This is the hardest zone to do, but with cheesing it, it can be easier. This part requires shooting, as zone will close in and you will take storm damage, so hold onto your chug splashes.
Easiest ways ive found to complete this are, hiding on top of buildings and shooting at the bosses weak spots with either the minigun or normal ar. The minigun is the best to use out of all the other guns as it shoots fastest.
I only had an ar for this boss fight
Hiding on top of buildings is essential to avoiding the bosses attacks. If he starts to attack, just move back to avoid pretty much all damage. Use the scythe to move to other buildings. DO NOT get caught in the open, you will take tons of damage and can get stuck on a horde. If you need shield, that is when you shoot at the horde (or if you see an ice cube monster). Be wary though, the knockback attacks can still hit you away, but you dont take fall damage, so its mostly fine.

You can also beat it by running around the area, running to the other side of the map. This doesnt work too well as you have to deal with the cube monsters and you cant get proper aim.
And finally, MAKE SURE TO SHOOT THE BOSS AS MUCH AS YOU CAN!!! Anytime you have bullets is a good time to shoot at it!

After winning, make sure to crank as many triple edits on the boss as possible. That will be all for my guide, have fun with your friends by yourself!
Bonus: If you care about a good score, make sure to shoot at the cube monsters, because I didnt do that for one round lol
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2021.10.23 13:50 imjustonehumanbean How long is the comeup?

I ate shrooms a hour and 10 minutes ago, and now experiencing only slight alternation of consciousness, and barely visible closed eye visuals. Should the full effects have already kicked in? And how long do the effects last on this (propably) treshold dose?
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