Do(es) your cat(s) does this too? They always sleep with me, doesnt matter if i worked day or nightshift

2021.12.07 09:23 Acrobatic-Sense-9254 Do(es) your cat(s) does this too? They always sleep with me, doesnt matter if i worked day or nightshift

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2021.12.07 09:23 Kcnabrev A BTS look of how games are made for CGE in Europe

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2021.12.07 09:23 JaycieMeRollen Fishbeard Pt 3. “The Bro Code”

part 1 & 2 if you missed them
TL;DR: Ex GF and Neckbeards are both in fact both shitty people
Now this one is a bit more tame but Hella more cringe, I will try to tone it down to focus more on the parts that are actually important and not the small tiny things that happened. So on this edition of "Fishbeard: The kid that threw out so many red flags he could've been a referee for Football"
Fishbeard: a racially mixed teenager, a tad taller than me, has ichthyosis vulgaris which is the medical name of Fish Scale Disease. But oh no that is not where the name comes from, it derives from his constant smell of Onions, Chicken broth powder found in the 20 cent ramen, And of course a fish market in the middle of a southern July at 4pm after all the good fish were taken so now all that left are the rotting ones. But to his credit, it didn't radiate the normal way, it like a onion came in layers as you got closer. How ironic one of the smells is fish, almost like he was on all levels but physical, was a fish. i also forgot to mention, he doesn't bathe just stands under the water, wears fedoras, bowling shirt, fingerless gloves and a patchy acne ridden tuff of hairs on his neck. Henceforth to be known as Fishbeard or FB for short
OP: At the time a very attractive male presenting person with beard, would be called "ma'am if i decided to put on makeup, so attractive androgynous features for me, to toot my own horn
Tony: year younger than OP, lives across town and best friend up until the end of this edition
Slenderwoman: Girlfriend of the OP at the time, tall, 100lbs soaking wet and still harbors unwarranted hate towards OP for unknown reasons to this day.
Red: the Ex of OP, she has a proclivity to date OP for 2 weeks to a couple of months every year since middle school with differing excuses each time to why they must separate. If OP has been given any reason at all.
Gem: Tony's friend from the down under lands, Alterative, 18, attractive, gamer and Tony had the hots for.
The characters all set and ready for the tiring play, let us begin. please keep all appendages and or organs in the ride at all times, our black market guy is not feeling it today...
So to skip ahead about 6 months from our last tale, tiny things happened which can be summarized in 2 sentences, "Senderwoman broke up with OP then begged to get back together. And FB and his mask started to crack"
Year 2014, to be honest i haven't any memory of anything world significant happing so just "2014: the Year forced MLP Hentai and awkward advances from people", is what its filed under in my mind
our tale starts with a cool March night,
[insert annoying Apple tri tone sound here]
"who would message me at 10:30pm on a school day?"
it was Senderwoman with a "we're over" text, que begging and mope mode. critical failure to meet objective.
So as a normal thing i text my friends trying to find moral support which I fortunately did, and Tony brought Gem into the game we were playing on Steam at the time. I don't remember exactly what it was but by knowing me it probably was GMod or Left 4 Dead 2. I knew little about Gem but Tony had been friends with her for at this time of about a year, and they seemed more distant they they should in my opinion but regardless I'm a nosey bitch and asked Gem some questions to learn about her. And to my success she answered them all with a joy in her voice, however tony took this as "stepping on his territory and Bro code" which it unfortunately wasn't anything of the sort but Gem also started to feel the same vibes coming from him. after a couple of hours of the vibes Tony was pushing out Gem said "we'll its late for me but we all can play something tomorrow", this was however a lie she was saying specifically for Tony, but not for me.
Next day rolls around and i didn't got to school cuz i had come down with a cold or something similar. Slenderwoman was apparently being put on a investigative light by almost everyone i knew in school as Tony and FB knew of the break up and had no concern for my privacy due to it being high school. Now I now know the series of events that took place this next week at school while i was sick, but i tell you them as i found them out, So off to that night.
Gem messaged me, "hey i don't want to play anything with Tony for a bit, he's getting weird so if you want to play something at anything just lemme know", I sent a okay back and abouts a hour later took up that offer as i think i was trying something to find a distraction from the dark feelings I felt and i believed at 11:30pm that would be Gem. We actually did this every night the rest of the week with only one night missed because as mentioned earlier, I found out was was being spread about me in my small high school and how to save herself from the verbal beatdown from everyone by breaking up with one of the "popular freaks", slenderwoman made a VERY poor choice that I personally saw go back and bite her in the ass a couple of years later. And that choice was to lie or take small snips of truth and surround them with copious layers of lies to make it sound like I was the biggest and most abusive piece of shit in the school distract for sympathy. so to break this down lets talk about the major points individually in the order they busted over her head by the next edition so its more Neckbeard and less "woe teen years are so hard"
"OP punched me, multiple times" well yes, and no. i actually only really punched her once. She had the great idea from my step sister who was 25 at the time it would be so "hilarious" to punch me in my jewels while i was taking a nap on the recliner in the living room, and what did i do as a response being woken up to that... I PUNCHED, not the face, not the neck but the same place i was punched with pure adrenaline, fear and pain ridden reaction. the other two were those simple like "good job champ" arm hits that might have been a little hard to be honest but in no way were actual blows
"OP throws me on the ground" nope me moving you because your blocking a WHOLE walkway in the cafeteria because you decide to keep it on with a crowd of people dancing around and trying to squeeze by and you falling because people grew tired of it and would yank your backpack forcing me to attempt to catch you everyday doesn't mean I'm the one doing it, which she knew
and finally "OP is a pathological liar", I honestly have not solid defense on this but only a explanation, yeah I lied, pathologically no. well maybe to her parents because I don't want two bible thumpers with one being a pedophile to know about me, and technically when I told her about my gender dysphoria she thought that as a lie for attention as "I don't like women, not even ones with dongs" being her reasoning to herself
Now that the full profile of Slenderwoman was revealed i suddenly no longer felt sad about the breakup but, just malice that I was being slandered for her own pity. so that one night break from the gaming with Gem was replaced with me and her just video chatting and primarily venting and stuff
At the end of that week, I decided "ok, well now everyone in the school thinks I'm some POS and I know for a fact I have all my credits I need to graduate" so I took their offer of "alternative" classes to prepare for said test and working at Walmart gaming with Gem on my days off. for the next 2 weeks.
And enter Fishbeard, the only person to ether not care or believe Slenderwoman in my mob at school because he graduated. Now this is where it seems to start going uphill in the "shit I shouldn't have ignored" starting with the night i didn't want to walk home so I decided to spent the night at his house as to not walk across town and his grandmothers house being right behind the Wally world. while it was his grandmothers house and her rules were strict he managed to make a weird sort of nest but used nerf guns, kendo swords and monster cans as his materials
And first thing I see him doing as I walk in, something normal perhaps? DEAD FUCKING WRONG! he was jerkin it to MLP Porn, like way to hard for his fully erect maybe the length of my middle finger lil smokie. so I ever the fucking genius just walked to the bed and just watched something on my phone because I knew from a ex of his, it would be like 2 mins and he would be done What does this fucker do? he turns his head to stare at me thinking i didn't notice, skeets and yeets to the bathroom with his pants around his thighs with a "be back"
Now i don't have a clue of why i chose to ignore this. but I did being i didn't just bust in but he did leave me on read when i said i was walking into his house. But I had been here before and had become very good friends with him in the year I had known him, it was weird but not like i hadn't seen his.. "2 inch pussy punisher" before because boys will be boys and do overly weird kinda homoerotic things if left to their lonesome, But in the case of that situation i was because we didn't actually believe him when he said he was uncut so what else to do then whip it out... I cringe thinking back about the shit i did as a teen.
with him and the smell of axe wafting in, i get a official greeting from FB "You could've knocked but hi"
OP: "your room is all the way across from the front door and you read me saying I was entering and you didn't say anything about being busy" having none of this fake "I didn't intentionally do this" shit I knew he was spewing
FB: "yeah yeah I did, if only you were sooner I could've sucked your dick"
OP: visually weirded out because I had explained to him in the nicest way i could, I might be bisexual but he was my friend and not anything near my type, on purposely just talking about build and personality to not hurt his ego. "FB no, that not gonna happen"
FB: "come onnnn, lemme suck your dick"
OP: " you ask ONE more time I will just go home to my bed, and enjoy my day off. you came up with this idea of hanging out"
FB: "fine" then sulking like a little kid turns around and starts ignoring me
By Dinnertime he and i were hungry, so we walked over to my place of work to grab food. Myself getting something from the Subway in the store and buying a great Mexican soda called "Jarritos", him getting what else but Doritos, Pocky and Mtn. Dew. Now more problems arose, he had this weird thing of staring at you until you share your food but in no way returns the favor and actually guards his food if you even look in that particular direction. And as per usual it happened, with me not relinquishing food for the hair under the chin lord of the fish. He threw another mini pout in his computer chair, to mine and his mothers annoyance who was standing there berating him for what she thought was a unannounced guest, being she sleeps until like 5pm everyday and didn't see or hear her own mother answer the door and say hello with a hug. with my dinner and now a show I knew was about to happen from a previous sight of her coming in his room.
Mom: "why don't you apply for jobs, OP is a year younger than you, no high school degree and still is almost management at Walmart"
FB: "I'm working on it"
Mom: "are you? because i guarantee you just used your grandmothers money to get that food rather than the free stuff in the pantry"
OP: [Run bite_ sandwich_and_act_like_I'm_ignoring_this.exe].... [action success]
FB: "I didn't know there was food in there, i thought groceries were still a day away"
Mom: "so you didn't even check? Typical just like your dad. how hard is it to apply and get a job with you OP?"
[bite_ sandwich_and_act_like_I'm_ignoring_this.exe.... Failed]
OP: " well he can apply but its unlikely he'll be hired since... I would be the one interviewing him because our only opening is in meat and produce and policies about hiring and privileges"
Mom: "so you wouldn't hire him? see FB you need to clean up your own friend cant hire you Because of policies about hygiene"
FB: "OP didn't say that"
OP: [internal screaming because his mother hit it on the dot without me saying it]
Mom: "whatever, I'm going back to my room before this gets heated"
OP: "...see ya later mom...."
and as she closed his and audibly closing hers
FB: "I can't wait for that cunt to die, hopefully she'll move out before that happens"
OP: did this fucker actually imply if she doesn't move out with her boyfriend soon he's gonna murder her? am I really ready to help drag a 300lb woman to a random field if I'm here? great now I'm not Hungry after that. "hey I think I'm gonna go put my sandwich in the fridge and go to sleep. I'll leave when i wake up in the morning..."
FB: "alright sounds like a plan"
Now i pulled out the bed, and talked to Gem for like a hour and fell to sleep after a hour of Fishbeard tapping away on League of legends, very badly because " he knows how to play". And refused to listen to the one person he has never won a lane battle with, Me. With that train wreck of a night over and me waking up to him for some reason passed out in the snow angel position, (which I only remember solely for the reason he slept in a twin bed and it was weird seeing a snoring person with two of their limbs sticking straight off the side of the bed in their sleep.) I gathered my things up and walked to the fridge for my breakfast. Gone, one of these four shitbags in this house ate my sandwich in the maybe 7 hours it was there... Great, whatever I'll detour like a little bit and get McDonalds or something. And off i wandered into the great Small town to get stared at because how dare I walk like a peasant and not drive maybe a mile and a half home when gas last time i checked was not the same price as the two gettaway sticks I got.
A relaxing 20 mins walk later I was home and crawling into the shower to wash all the "what the fuck just happened this month?" out of my head with a long hot shower.
Thank you so much for those of you reading this and hearing my tale of long played suffering on me.
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2021.12.07 09:23 rohanbol Thin & Light Gaming Laptop

Hi Guys, please suggest a thin and light gaming laptop that's great for gaming and coding. My main requirements are RTX 3070 and intel i7, less than 4.5 pounds and below 1900$.
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2021.12.07 09:23 manuel_fox I just bought a new steam iron

It makes an impressive job.
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2021.12.07 09:23 Not_for_consumption How to have a mixed marriage

I don't care about the value arguments. From a practical point of view how can a Muslim marry a non Muslim (me)? I don't have an issue with Islam, my kids can be Islamic, it's an ok belief system although Malays are overly conservative and overly sensitive - much more that the rest of the islamic world, I really don't understand that. Eg no where else are people so butt hurt about dogs, but anyway.
Seriously now, how do you do a mixed marriage. I'm happy to pretend to convert but I will make a dreadful Muslim. Defs they won't want me on the team but if there is an option for a crap Muslim then I'll sign up
Anyway serious replies only please. Really, just serious, I know this sounds like a train wreck but this is 21c life
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2021.12.07 09:23 Electronic-Milk-2427 True:

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2021.12.07 09:23 alexle56 В СовФеде предрекли крах мировой экономики в случае отключения России от SWIFT

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2021.12.07 09:23 Alternative-Buy1235

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2021.12.07 09:23 Xanek PREMIERING AT THE START OF THE HOUR (22:00JST) - Astel's original song: 未来銀河と汽笛のメロディー

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2021.12.07 09:23 PerceptionLive9203 Which are the attributes of the sentence mentioned below?

Each of these ladies held fans in their hands, and each, with some touch of colour, ome emphatic feather or brooch, testified to the solemnity of the opportunity.
Thanks in advance.
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2021.12.07 09:23 huffypuffy77 Compliance

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2021.12.07 09:23 Fwuffy-Nikki bfb doodles!

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2021.12.07 09:23 FourtKnight Not printed by me, but a seller on Etsy. A bunch of cool, well detailed Fantasy miniatures! I'm super happy with the quality.

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2021.12.07 09:23 Drizziedredd M28 omskuren söker runkpolare i sthlm för porrsällskap och sug/runk av varandra

Söker endast hjälpande händer och mun både ge o ta, Du behöver inte vara erfaren men plus om du är det. DM för kik
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2021.12.07 09:23 nostalgic_noob Shaders Search problem in Blender 3.0

For some reason I can't search nodes in blender 3.0 shader editor
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2021.12.07 09:23 Sensible27777 Questions, does anyone know what the cost of starship will be? Also, was the tesla liquidity event (im not sure if this is the right word, liquidating stocks) done specifically to fund space x?

Estimated, the whole rocket not refueling and relaunch.
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2021.12.07 09:23 DewSchnozzle My sister (42) and I (48) are home to visit our parents and help with some small chores around the house (48 M). They are treating us like children and we need tips to deal with it and help them without arguing

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2021.12.07 09:23 SouthFlaLife It's up to you

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2021.12.07 09:23 Kampfaxt office work in a nutshell

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2021.12.07 09:23 Monkey-_D_-Luffy What is the one villain the won in the end?

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2021.12.07 09:23 BlackMesa_ThrowAway Ed Harrison - It's Gone (Radiohead Nude Remix) [Electronica / IDM / Glitch] (2014)

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2021.12.07 09:23 ADPeoc2020 Meine Ehefrau , beim letzen Sommer urlaub.

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2021.12.07 09:23 GasSsparD List of variants of the gamestyle variability.

It would be nice to make a list of aggressive-defensive moves on each of the competitive maps.
Inferno: Like... make ct agression (first fullbuy) on A aps, if it works succesfully just fake that in the next round and stay full defensive on site. next round you can do the same (loud) like, fake aps push and then move back to site, but after 30sec try to repush it just to confuse enemies. next 3 rounds just stay in side and wait for enemies moves and nades rethrow. in the last rounds of half u can make faster agression without anythink to fully throw of balance enemies.
smth like that.
I'm waiting for other suggestions :)
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2021.12.07 09:23 ChrisMMatthews NFT in the wild

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